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Mickie Webster bio

On December 24, 1987, Mickie Webster was found in the third pew of Saint Peter's Catholic Church in Grenada, Mississippi. Nestled in a small laundry basket, she wore a nightgown embroidered with the name "Mickie.".

When Father Brian Cleary found the infant, only a few days old, on that Christmas Eve, he believed it was an answer from God to two members of his congregation. Michael and Kathleen Webster, married for 14 years, had been unable to have children, which they wanted very much. On January 27, 1988, Mickie was adopted and baptized Michelle Kathleen Webster.

Mickie, as she was always called, was a tomboy who was much happier to climb trees and throw baseballs than to have imaginary tea parties and play dress-up. Though bright and creative, she didn't excel in school, and even if she had wanted to go to college, her grades weren't good enough.

Her first job was as a waitress at the local burger joint. Her tall, slender frame and natural agility helped her excel at the job, and she made good tips, which delighted her.

In November of 2006, when Mickie was seventeen, her parents vanished while traveling to St. Louis in a snowstorm. Their bodies were found in their car three days later. Once again, Mickie was on her own.

After her parents' deaths, Mickie stayed in Grenada to finish school and decide what to do with guidance from Father Cleary. After her 18th birthday, she received her parents' life insurance payout of $50,000 and decided to travel for a while. She bought a small pickup truck and resolved to visit every one of the 48 contiguous states.

Though she went through the insurance money quickly, she was never destitute. Whenever she needed money, she fell back on her waitressing expertise and never had any trouble finding work for however long she needed it.

In 2020, after many years of traveling all over the country, she yearned for home. She returned to Grenada but was distressed to realize it wasn't home to her anymore. All of her friends had married or moved away, and even Father Cleary was no longer there for her to lean on.

She struck out on the road again and only stopped in Oxford to gas up her truck and get a soda, but for reasons even she can't explain, she decided to stay. It felt like home.

She worked in several restaurants around Oxford before she came to Home Plate. When she walked through the doors, the same sense of "home" struck her, and she knew she would be there for a long time.

Shortly after she started at Home Plate, she started dating one of the owners, Devlin Beauchamp. Mutual friends described their relationship as intense and were shocked when Mickie and Devlin broke it off in early 2023. Both Mickie and Devlin seemed devastated by the breakup, and many believed they would reconcile and eventually marry.

Mickie still works at Home Plate as Head Waitress, a position she has held for nearly a year, and is the shortstop and a pinch hitter for the Home Plate softball team league. She lives alone in a small garage apartment with her pet goldfish, Bonnie and Clyde.


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