• Ned Fisher interview

    The detectives went to see the second victim's younger son and business partner.
  • Ned Fisher biography

    After a rowdy childhood, Ned settled down after going into business with his father.
  • Christine Fisher interview

    The detectives drove over to Pontotoc to talk to Wayne Fisher's ex-wife.
  • Christine Fisher biography

    Christine was married to Wayne Fisher for 14 years before their divorce.
  • Joel Fisher interview

    The detectives located Wayne Fisher's son Joel and spoke with him about his father.
  • Joel Fisher biography

    After a turbulent childhood, Joel has been estranged from his father and brother for years.
  • Archive: Pruitt to defend accused killer

    From the Oxford Weekly Planet archives… The Crime Beat reports
  • Places of Interest map

    This map shows locations in Yoknapatawpha County relevant to the investigation.
  • Criminal history – Wayne Fisher

    YCSD investigators ran a check on Wayne Fisher's criminal history in the State of Mississippi.
  • Wayne Fisher biography

    After a rocky past, Wayne's prospects finally improved after going into business with his son.


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