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New Information for Detectives

All of the case evidence has been released to the public.


New Information for Officers

Adam Tang interview

The detectives talked to a guy that hangs out at the skate park.

Corrie Townsend interview #2

The detectives asked Corrie to come in again for some follow-up questions.

Rosalie Hansen interview #2

The detectives asked Rosalie some more questions about the night she found the body.

Jimmy Carnes interview #2

The detectives asked Jimmy some more questions about his relationship with Katie Masters.

John Atherton interview

With help from library staff, the detectives identified the "creepy guy" Corrie mentioned.

Bobby Canton interview

The detectives located Katie's ex-boyfriend at home and had a talk with him.

Corrie Townsend bio

Corrie and Katie had been best friends since they were in junior high school.


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