Investigators spoke to Chris Frost's friends, co-workers and neighbors to try to corroborate her alibi for the time Annette Wyatt was killed.

These interviews are representative of all interviews conducted.

Grace Frost


Grace Frost is Chris Frost's mother.


•  Detective S. Murphy
•  Detective E. Parker
•  Grace Frost


Detective Murphy: Mrs. Frost we need your name and address for our records.

Grace Frost: My name is Grace Frost, and I live at 1627 Pierce Avenue Exd.

Detective Murphy: I’m sure you heard that Annette Wyatt from the Harte Agency was murdered. What was the relationship your daughter, Chris, had with Ms. Wyatt?

Grace Frost: Ms. Wyatt sold Chris a house a couple of months ago. It’s a nice house and she got a great interest rate, but Chris wasn’t satisfied. She said Annette Wyatt lied to her.

Detective Murphy: Did she tell you what Annette supposedly lied about?

Grace Frost: She told me that Annette Wyatt said they would remain friends after she bought the house. When Ms. Wyatt didn’t return her calls or text messages, Chris got very angry and said Annette betrayed her. I told her to leave the woman alone.

Detective Parker: Did Chris listen to what you told her?

Grace Frost: No, she didn’t. Chris doesn’t have many friends, and I think she was mistaken thinking Annette Wyatt was really her friend.

Detective Parker: Do you know where your daughter was on Saturday the 15th?

Grace Frost: I only know what Chris told me. She said she worked during the day and went to the football game that night. Then she went home and went to bed. She always jokes about going to the games to meet eligible men.

Detective Parker: Mrs. Frost, do you think your daughter was so angry with Annette Wyatt after Annette rejected her as a friend that she may have harmed her?

Grace Frost: No, of course not! Chris has a good heart. Sometimes I think she’s too caring.

Detective Parker: Thank you for talking to us.


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