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Naomi Fields interview #2

Sunday, September 5, 2021 – 3:30 p.m.

The detectives spoke to Naomi Fields to find out what she had to say about Elliott Owens's recent allegation that Annette Wyatt was the person giving information to Pearce Brokers and whether that could have been a motive for Wyatt's murder.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Naomi Fields

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon, Ms. Fields. Please have a seat and tell us your name and address for the record.

Naomi Fields: Hello. Please call me Naomi. My name is Naomi Fields, and I live at 2014 Brandywine, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: Naomi, I hope you've been well. How are you handling the loss of your friend?

Naomi Fields: It's been difficult. I work a lot to keep my mind off things.

Detective Murphy: The last time we spoke, you were upset about Annette, which is to be expected when you lose someone you love. We thought you may have remembered something else that you forgot to tell us.

Naomi Fields: I'm not sure what you're talking about. I told you everything I know.

Detective Parker: Naomi, you said Annette never told you the identity of the person that leaked information to Pearce Brokers.

Naomi Fields: That's true. She didn't.

Detective Parker: What if we told you while investigating this murder we discovered Annette was the leak?

Naomi Fields: That's what you found out?

Detective Murphy: Did Annette tell you she sent clients to Pearce Brokers?

Naomi Fields: No, she never mentioned any clients.

Detective Murphy: But she mentioned something else?

Naomi Fields: I guess it doesn't matter now. Annette talked about taking an offer from Pearce Brokers. She said it would serve Jeff right if she left him holding the bag. She told me she'd talked to Rita, the owner of Pearce, and considered an offer from her. But I never thought she would leave Jeff or the Harte Agency.

Detective Parker: When did she discuss this with you?

Naomi Fields: About two weeks before she was killed. She asked me to keep quiet about the offer and not say anything to anyone, so I did.

Detective Parker: Did Annette say why she was considering an offer from Pearce?

Naomi Fields: She was angry with Jeff for not making her a partner after all the years she devoted to him. If you ask me, he took advantage of her. He knew she still had feelings for him, and he led her on and never had any intentions of making her a partner.

Detective Parker: Do you think Jeff may have known what Annette was up to and killed her?

Naomi Fields: I guess it's possible. He did have a lot to lose if Annette left his agency. She made that business the success it was, and if she left, she'd take a lot of clients.

Detective Parker: Did Annette ever say she thought Jeff or anyone else at the Harte Agency suspected she was the leak or that she was planning to leave?

Naomi Fields: No.

Detective Parker: What about Elliott Owens? Was she concerned he might know?

Naomi Fields: The computer guy? I don't think so. Is that what happened? Someone found out and killed her?

Detective Parker: It's one possibility we're looking into. Did you ever mention anything about Annette's plans to anyone? Maybe just in passing?

Naomi Fields: Of course not!

Detective Murphy: Okay, Naomi. Thank you. We know this is hard for you, but we appreciate you talking with us. You can go now. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions.

Interview ended – 3:42 p.m.



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