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Kurt Grubman interview #2

Sunday, September 5, 2021 – 11:00 a.m.

The detectives spoke to Kurt Grubman to find out what he had to say about Elliott Owens's recent allegation that Annette Wyatt was the person giving information to Pearce Brokers and whether that could have been a motive for Wyatt's murder.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective E. Parker
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Kurt Grubman

Detective Murphy: Good morning, Mr. Grubman. Please take a seat and give us your name and address for the record.

Kurt Grubman: My name is Kurt Grubman, and I live at 1267 Horne Road, Oxford, Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: What if we told you that during our investigation of this murder, we discovered that Annette Wyatt was the leak at Harte Agency?

Kurt Grubman: I'm not sure. I'm— I guess I'd say I'm somewhat shocked. Is that true?

Detective Murphy: Do you think Annette would do that to the Harte Agency or to Jeff?

Kurt Grubman: No, I thought she just wanted to take him away from Elena, not destroy his business.

Detective Murphy: Did you ever see or hear anything that might implicate her?

Kurt Grubman: She was very secretive about some phone calls, but I never thought it was because of something like that. She was always completely loyal to Jeff. Not to the rest of us, but certainly to him.

Detective Parker: Do you think she ever would've left the Harte Agency? Maybe for a competitor like Pearce Brokers?

Kurt Grubman: Honestly, I find that hard to believe. I've already told you I didn't like the woman. She was a bossy know-it-all. But she and Jeff worked hard to make the Harte Agency a success. I can't believe she'd walk away from that.

Detective Parker: You don't think Annette could've been angry because Jeff led her on for years, promising her a partnership?

Kurt Grubman: I don't know if he ever promised her a partnership. All I know is she wanted Jeff and was determined to break up his marriage.

Detective Parker: Do you have any proof she was trying to break up Jeff's marriage?

Kurt Grubman: How do you prove something like that? I know what I know, but something on paper to prove it? No.

Detective Murphy: If it is true that Annette was stealing Harte Agency information and giving it to Pearch Brokers, if she really was planning to go work for Rita Pearce, if she actually was trying to break up the Hartes' marriage, wouldn't you say that gave Jeff Harte lots of reasons to kill her?

Kurt Grubman: What are you trying to say? That Jeff killed her? He didn't.

Detective Murphy: How do you know?

Kurt Grubman: Because I know Jeff. He's not that kind of person.

Detective Parker: Wouldn't he stand to lose a lot if Annette went to Pearce Brokers? Wasn't she the brains behind his business?

Kurt Grubman: No! Jeff is an outstanding businessman. The agency would have succeeded with or without Annette. Jeff wouldn't harm a fly. If you think he killed her, you're dead wrong. I'm not going to help you railroad him. If you have any other questions, then I'd like to have my lawyer here first. If not, I'd like to leave.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Grubman. You can go. We'll be in touch with you—and your lawyer—if we have any more questions.

Interview ended – 11:13 a.m.





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