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Patti Thompson interview

Saturday, September 4, 2021 – 11:15 a.m.

Patti Thompson worked with both the Harte Agency and Pearce Brokers when she was looking for a home to buy. She eventually bought her home through Pearce Brokers.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Patti Thompson

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in, Ms. Thompson. Could you please state your name and address for our records?

Patti Thompson: I'm Patti Thompson. I live at 108 Franklin Street.

Detective Parker: How long have you been living there?

Patti Thompson: I moved in a couple of months ago.

Detective Murphy: Oh, really? Rent or own?

Patti Thompson: Own. It's my first house.

Detective Murphy: Congratulations. Did you find it on your own, or did you use an agent?

Patti Thompson: I worked with a couple of agents, actually.

Detective Parker: Isn't that unusual? I thought people usually worked with only one agent.

Patti Thompson: I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to buy. It's a big commitment, and I was having trouble making up my mind. So I worked with a couple of different people to see if I could find the perfect place, and I finally did.

Detective Murphy: Who all did you work with?

Patti Thompson: I worked with Sofia Church at the Harte Agency and Rita Pearce at Pearce Brokers.

Detective Murphy: And who did you end up buying your house through?

Patti Thompson: I really liked Sofia. She was so nice and so helpful, but in the end, Rita was the one who found the perfect house for me.

Detective Parker: How did Sofia feel about that?

Patti Thompson: I called her and told her I was really sorry. She was nice about it, but I could tell she was disappointed. I felt bad that she spent so much time with me and didn't end up making the sale. I offered to take her to dinner, but she declined.

Detective Parker: So, how did you end up working with two different agents? I don't really understand that, but I've never bought a house before.

Patti Thompson: Like I said, I was having a really hard time making up my mind. I called a few different real estate agents to try to help me. Rita and Sofia were the best, and I couldn't choose between them, so I just worked with both of them.

Detective Murphy: Did they both know you were working with someone else in addition to them?

Patti Thompson: Oh, yes. I told both of them from the beginning. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to trick them.

Detective Murphy: Did you just tell them that you were also working with someone else, or did you tell them specifically who else you were working with?

Patti Thompson: I can't remember. I know I told Rita because she asked. And she told me that Sofia used to work for her and that she was really good, so I would get a good house no matter who sold it to me.

Detective Murphy: Sofia didn't ask who the other agent was?

Patti Thompson: I don't think so. She just said she'd do everything she could to help me find the perfect place. And she almost did, but Rita ended up finding something I liked a little bit better than all the rest. It had everything I was looking for, and it was in a great location. And she got me a good deal on the price too.

Detective Parker: Did you ever talk with anyone else from the Harte Agency?

Patti Thompson: I don't think so. I mean, I spoke to the receptionist a few times when I called, but I didn't talk to any of the other agents.

Detective Parker: Did anyone from the Harte Agency contact you after the sale to find out why you ended up going with Pearce Brokers?

Patti Thompson: No, since I called and talked to Sofia, I guess they already knew why.

Detective Murphy: Did Rita offer you any incentives to buy through her instead?

Patti Thompson: No, I don't think so. What do you mean?

Detective Murphy: Anything at all. A cash rebate? Help with financing?

Patti Thompson: No, nothing like that. Did Rita do something wrong? Is that why you're asking me all this?

Detective Parker: No, ma'am. We don't have any evidence that Rita Pearce did anything inappropriate. We're looking into an incident involving the Harte Agency. One of their agents was murdered. Maybe you heard about it on the news?

Patti Thompson: I did hear about that, but I didn't realize she was with the Harte Agency.

Detective Parker: Her name was Annette Wyatt. Did you ever meet her in your dealings with the Harte Agency?

Patti Thompson: No, just Sofia.

Detective Murphy: Did Sofia or Rita ever mention Annette Wyatt?

Patti Thompson: No, I don't think so.

Detective Murphy: And Annette Wyatt never contacted you directly, either before or after you closed on your house?

Patti Thompson: No, she didn't.

Detective Parker: Okay. Thank you very much for your time, Ms. Thompson. Enjoy your new house.

Patti Thompson: Thank you. I already am.

Interview ended – 11:29 a.m.



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