Kurt Grubman met his best friend, Jeff Harte, and his wife, Joanna, in Oxford

Kurt Grubman bio

Kurt Martin Grubman was born April 20, 1983, to Martin and Elizabeth Grubman in Oxford, Mississippi. Elizabeth was four months pregnant with Martin’s baby when she and Martin got married. Three years later, Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, Janet Leigh. By the time Elizabeth and Martin turned 21, they had two children.

The Grubmans’ marriage was rocky from the beginning. Elizabeth stayed home to take care of the kids while Martin worked odd jobs. It was rough for the family with little money. They struggled every day. Martin became bitter and started to drink and chase after other women, which left Elizabeth the main caretaker of their two kids.

Martin had been gone for a couple of days when he announced to Elizabeth he’d found a job as a Greyhound bus driver in Grenada, Mississippi. Elizabeth was excited until he told her she and the kids weren’t going with him. Martin and Elizabeth had been married less than five years, and he told her he wanted a divorce because he was too young to be tied down.

During the divorce proceedings, Martin was ordered to pay child support. He paid what he was ordered, but it wasn’t a lot, so Elizabeth relied on her family for help. She eventually got a job as a secretary at an auto dealership.

Martin came to Oxford once in a while to see the kids, but as time went on, his visits were less frequent. He said it was his job that kept him away. Despite their father’s absence, Kurt and Janet had a good childhood. Elizabeth did her best to give her kids the things they needed and taught them to work hard to achieve what they wanted in life.

In high school, Kurt met his best friend, Jeff Harte. Jeff was very ambitious and was determined to open his own real estate business someday.

After high school, Kurt decided not to go to college. He knew it would be a strain on his mother financially, so he got a job in Oxford selling cell phones and plans for AT&T. He found he was good at sales and enjoyed meeting people. Jeff suggested that Kurt get his real estate license and come work for him. With Jeff’s influence and encouragement, Kurt got the training he needed and joined the Harte Agency.

Kurt’s sister Janet graduated high school with honors three years after he did. She was awarded several scholarships and chose to go to the University of Memphis in Tennessee. There she met and married Bobby Maddox. They have a son and a daughter, and they come to visit Janet’s mother and brother often.

While booking a room at the Hampton Inn in Oxford for Janet and her family, Kurt met Joanna Shelling. It was love at first sight, and they married one year later, on October 10, 2017. Joanna gave birth to their daughter Isabelle on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2019.



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