Suspect #2 interview

Friday, July 29, 2022 – 10:35 a.m.

Young woman with long wavy dark hairKatie Henderson was Alyx's best friend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Katie Henderson

Detective Murphy: Thank you for waiting, Katie. We just have one more piece of business to take care of before we get to our conversation.

Katie Henderson: Is it going to take long? I've been sitting here forever.

Detective Murphy: Well, let's get right to it then. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?

Katie Henderson: Yeah, sure. I'm not sure why that's necessary, though.

Detective Murphy: With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to Detective Armstrong and me?

Katie Henderson: Yes, of course. Whatever I can do to help.

Detective Murphy: We appreciate that. If you'll just initial these blanks, fill out the bottom and sign this form, we can continue.

Katie Henderson: Whatever.

Detective Armstrong: State your name and address.

Katie Henderson: Katherine Henderson, and I live at 126 Pine Crest Drive.

Detective Murphy: It's been a week since Alyx was murdered. How are you coping?

Katie Henderson: Pretty good, I guess. Some days are harder than others. It's just so hard to believe.

Detective Murphy: What's hard to believe?

Katie Henderson: That someone would kill her.

Detective Armstrong: Are you saying we're on the wrong track, Katie?

Katie Henderson: Well, she did a prank suicide before. At least, I thought it was a prank. Maybe she was practicing, you know?

Detective Murphy: When was this?

Katie Henderson: A couple of months ago. It totally scared the hell out of me and Stephen.

Detective Armstrong: Well, with a suicide, usually the person leaves a note. There was no note this time.

Katie Henderson: Oh.

Detective Armstrong: And we looked everywhere, which was not easy since her room was a mess.

Katie Henderson: Yeah, Alyx was a total slob, and she didn't care who knew it.

Detective Armstrong: Except her bed. Her bed was perfectly made. Do you find that odd?

Katie Henderson: Well… yeah… I guess so.

Detective Murphy: When was the last time you and Alyx argued?

Katie Henderson: Oh, wow. I can't even tell you.

Detective Armstrong: It's been that long, huh? Because Megan Plummer tells a different story.

Katie Henderson: Who cares what Megan says? Me and Alyx didn't even like her.

Detective Armstrong: Then why pretend to be her friend?

Katie Henderson: It was just a little experiment to see how a middle-class girl would react to being friends with us. She was like a puppy, following us around doing anything to please us. Disgusting, the way she acted.

Detective Murphy: Megan told us that Alyx was upset about you and Mr. Byrns spending time together and that Alyx started inviting Megan to do things without you.

Katie Henderson: Megan Plummer doesn't know anything.

Detective Armstrong: Did Alyx call you out at a party by saying something about you banging an old guy?

Katie Henderson: No, she did not.

Detective Armstrong: Were you too drunk to remember?

Katie Henderson: Oh, please. Too drunk?

Detective Armstrong: We were told that you were at a party bragging about your sexual relationship with Paul, and  Alyx publicly humiliated you.

Katie Henderson: Listen. Alyx and I were best friends. People were jealous of that. They make up rumors.

Detective Armstrong: If you were best friends, then why were you putting the moves on Stephen Lamoire?

Katie Henderson: Anything Megan told you is a lie. She doesn't know crap.

Detective Murphy: We heard that from Stephen. Does he know crap?

Katie Henderson: Stephen is upset. I am upset. There is nothing wrong with comforting each other.

Detective Murphy: Did you try to comfort him on Alyx's bed the day she was murdered?

Katie Henderson: What? No! Why would you even ask me that?!

Detective Murphy: Were you in Alyx's room that day?

Katie Henderson: I already told you I wasn't there that day.

Detective Armstrong: We found your prints on the vodka bottle that was locked inside the Byrnses' liquor cabinet. Can you explain that?

Katie Henderson: Yes, I can. Paul gave me a key. I served him drinks when I was over. He loved it because no one else would serve him.

Detective Armstrong: So he trusted you.

Katie Henderson: Yes, he trusted me.

Detective Armstrong: What happened that day, Katie?

Katie Henderson: I don't know. Ask Josh!

Detective Armstrong: We did.

Katie Henderson: Well, it was his knife, right?

Detective Murphy: What makes you think it was his? Did you see him with the knife while you were there that day?

Katie Henderson: I wasn't there! How many times do I have to say it?

Detective Armstrong: Your prints were all over that crime scene. So, Alyx was home alone and depressed. Paul trusted you with the key to the liquor cabinet. Paul was at work—

Katie Henderson: Okay! We went over, but we didn't kill her. We lied about being there because we were afraid.

Detective Murphy: You and who else?

Katie Henderson: Megan and me.

Detective Murphy: Tell us the truth. What happened while you were there, Katie?

Katie Henderson: It was Megan's idea. She said we should go over and try to cheer Alyx up, so we did. I snuck in, got the vodka, mixed it with Kool-Aid, grabbed three glasses and a deck of cards and we played Chug It.

Detective Armstrong: How is that game played?

Katie Henderson: It figures you don't know. Each person draws a card. The lowest card loses. That person has to chug their drink. Alyx kept losing.

Detective Murphy: Everyone we talked to said that Alyx strictly abstained from alcohol.

Katie Henderson: She'd never even tried alcohol before, but she was chugging like a pro. She got extremely drunk, extremely fast.

Detective Armstrong: You know, in my experience, first-time drinkers usually start with something a little tamer like beer or wine coolers—

Katie Henderson: Wine coolers? How old are you?

Detective Armstrong: My point is, it's unusual for a new drinker, which you say Alyx was, to drink as much hard liquor their first time out as she would've had to in order to get her blood alcohol level to what we found in the autopsy. Are you sure she was drinking vodka?

Katie Henderson: All I know is she was wasted. I just figured she was a lightweight.

Detective Murphy: It never occurred to you to stop when your best friend got so drunk?

Katie Henderson: No. She was being so funny. And then she just… passed out. We couldn't wake her no matter how hard we tried.

Detective Murphy: Who was drawing the cards?

Katie Henderson: We each drew our own.

Detective Murphy: How many low cards did Megan get?

Katie Henderson: A few, I don't remember.

Detective Murphy: It doesn't seem possible that Alyx could get that drunk that quickly on vodka.

Katie Henderson: Well, she lost a lot.

Detective Murphy: Apparently so.

Detective Armstrong: So, Alyx passed out, and then what?

Katie Henderson: We left after cleaning up.

Detective Armstrong: You just walked away and left your best friend passed out in the pool floating on an inflatable raft?

Katie Henderson: She wasn't in the pool yet.

Detective Armstrong: Yet?

Katie Henderson: That was Megan's idea. If she said anything different, she's a liar. It is Megan's fault that Alyx is dead.

Detective Murphy: So if you left Alyx there, passed out, floating in the pool, how could she cut her arm?

Katie Henderson: Josh killed her. It was his knife. Don't you idiots know that?

Detective Armstrong: Yes, it was Josh's knife. We also know who stole it from him, don't we, Katie?

Katie Henderson: My fingerprints are not on that knife!

Detective Armstrong: Because you tried to wipe them off?

Katie Henderson: It was all Megan's idea! I wasn't really going to do it. It all happened so fast. Megan wanted to do it.

Detective Armstrong: I thought she was like a puppy, doing anything you asked. And you talked her into helping you kill your best friend.

Katie Henderson: No, it was Megan! Megan with that stupid giggle—making Alyx laugh.

Detective Armstrong: How drunk was Megan?

Katie Henderson: Are you kidding? She couldn't hold her liquor either. She was pathetic! I only gave her a couple.

Detective Armstrong: You said you each drew your own cards.

Katie Henderson: We did—we— Megan put Alyx on the raft. It's her fault!

Detective Armstrong: But you made the cuts on her arm. Didn't you.

Katie Henderson: It was so obvious that she'd killed herself, but you wouldn't leave it alone. You just had to keep digging!

Detective Armstrong: Katherine Henderson, you are under arrest for the murder of Alyx Byrns.

Katie Henderson: Wait! It was Megan. God, she is so weak. It's all her fault. All her fault!

Detective Murphy: Please stand up and place your hands behind your back.

Interview ended – 11:11 a.m.


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