Suspect #1 interview

Friday, July 28, 2022 – 9:15 a.m.

Smiling young woman with shoulder-length blonde hairMegan Plummer is one of Alyx's friends.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Megan Plummer

Detective Murphy: Thanks for coming in again, Megan. Before we get started, I need to go over this form with you. It's just routine at this stage of the investigation. You ready?

Megan Plummer: I guess so.

Detective Murphy: This is called a Miranda waiver. It just documents what your rights are. You've probably seen it on TV. It says you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, and—

Megan Plummer: Why are you making me do this? Are you arresting me?

Detective Armstrong: Should we be arresting you, Megan?

Megan Plummer: What? No! Why?

Detective Armstrong: Okay, then. We're not making you do anything you don't want to do. It's just procedure at this point, given where we are in the investigation, so we have to ask you. With these rights in mind, are you willing to talk to Detective Murphy and me?

Megan Plummer: Did you find out who killed Alyx?

Detective Murphy: Please answer the question.

Megan Plummer: Yes, I will talk to you.

Detective Murphy: Do you want to have an attorney present?

Megan Plummer: Do I need one?

Detective Murphy: That's up to you. If you want to call someone, we can wait for them to get here.

Megan Plummer: No, I guess not.

Detective Murphy: Okay. If you'll just initial in these blanks, and fill out the bottom and sign it, we'll be all set.

Megan Plummer: All right.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Now, please state your name and address for the record.

Megan Plummer: Megan Plummer. I live at 470 Jefferson Avenue, Oxford. Do you know who killed Alyx?

Detective Armstrong: Funny you should ask because we think we're getting close.

Megan Plummer: Oh my God, you found the murderer. Who is it? I bet it was Josh.

Detective Murphy: That's not exactly where we were going, but what makes you think it was Josh?

Megan Plummer: I always thought he was creepy. Besides, I heard you found his knife there.

Detective Armstrong: Where did you hear that?

Megan Plummer: I don't know. It was a rumor going around, I guess. And it was obvious Josh had a thing for Alyx.

Detective Murphy: What other rumors have you heard?

Megan Plummer: None, I guess. I'm not sure.

Detective Murphy: Nothing? Your friends never talked about each other to you?

Megan Plummer: Well, yes, but I'm not sure what you want to know.

Detective Armstrong: Everything, Megan. We need to know everything.

Megan Plummer: It's just—I was kind of left out of stuff between Alyx and Katie sometimes.

Detective Murphy: Did you ever spend time alone with either of them?

Megan Plummer: Only when they were mad at each other.

Detective Armstrong: What was their most recent argument about?

Megan Plummer: Well, Mr. Byrns, actually.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Megan Plummer: Alyx was real upset about Katie spending time with him.

Detective Armstrong: Upset about them having sex?

Megan Plummer: This makes me uncomfortable to talk about.

Detective Armstrong: Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry. That's an awful shame. Someone murdered your friend and left her bleeding in her pool, but golly, let's not make you uncomfortable.

Megan Plummer: Well….

Detective Murphy: The last time we talked to you, you said that Alyx knew Mr. Byrns and Katie were having sex, but Alyx blamed her father. Was that true?

Megan Plummer: Yes, Alyx blamed her father.

Detective Armstrong: You also told us that Alyx felt ignored by her parents.

Megan Plummer: Yes, she did.

Detective Armstrong: But Alyx felt no anger toward Katie when Katie and Mr. Byrns were behind closed doors?

Megan Plummer: Alyx blamed her father.

Detective Armstrong: That sounds rehearsed. Did someone coach you on that answer, Megan?

Megan Plummer: She— Alyx got mad. Real mad. She told me she did something to Katie.

Detective Murphy: What did Alyx tell you?

Megan Plummer: Alyx started inviting me to do things and not inviting Katie. And Alyx told me she had a meltdown at a party because of Katie.

Detective Armstrong: What does that mean? A meltdown?

Megan Plummer: Alyx said Katie got drunk at a party and was blabbing to everyone about having sex with Mr. Byrns, so Alyx yelled out something like, "Katie can't get laid by any of you, so she has to bang an old guy."

Detective Armstrong: How long ago was this?

Megan Plummer: It was a couple of weeks ago that Alyx told me. I don't know when the party was.

Detective Murphy: You didn't go to this party?

Megan Plummer: I wasn't invited.

Detective Murphy: How was the relationship between Alyx and Katie after that?

Megan Plummer: They said they made up, but there was lots of tension.

Detective Armstrong: Last Friday, did you and Katie go to Alyx's house to confront her?

Megan Plummer: No, that's—we—no!

Detective Murphy: No, you didn't go over there, or no, that's not the reason?

Megan Plummer: Okay, wait. Wait. Okay. Yes, we went to Alyx's. We went there to cheer her up because she broke up with Stephen. We stayed for a while and left.

Detective Armstrong: Why did you lie about going there?

Megan Plummer: I guess we were afraid you would accuse us of killing her.

Detective Armstrong: We? There's only you in the room. Did someone threaten you, Megan?

Megan Plummer: She was our friend. We went there to cheer her up.

Detective Armstrong: Because she broke up with Stephen. Yes. You've said.

Detective Murphy: How did Katie act toward Stephen?

Megan Plummer: Uh, I'm not … sure.

Detective Armstrong: Was Katie having sex with Stephen, too?

Megan Plummer: No! No, she wasn't.

Detective Armstrong: She had no problem having sex with Alyx's father, so why not her boyfriend? Did Katie put the moves on Stephen?

Megan Plummer: Well, sort of, I guess.

Detective Armstrong: You guess?

Megan Plummer: Yes! She tried, but Stephen loved Alyx so much, he wasn't interested in anyone else.

Detective Murphy: Can you explain to us how Katie's fingerprints got on the vodka bottle in the Byrnses' liquor cabinet?

Megan Plummer: How should I know?

Detective Armstrong: Before you lie again, you should know that your fingerprints are on some of the evidence we collected at the crime scene too. So, take a deep breath, and tell us what you know.

Megan Plummer: We got to Alyx's, and Katie tried to convince Alyx that a couple of drinks would cheer her up. Katie went to the liquor cabinet and got the bottle of vodka and three glasses.

Detective Murphy: The Byrnses kept the liquor cabinet locked. How did Katie get the vodka from the liquor cabinet?

Megan Plummer: She used the key that Mr. Byrns gave her.

Detective Murphy: Did you see the bottle?

Megan Plummer: No, Katie made the drinks in the kitchen. She mixed the vodka into some powdered drink mix, like fruit punch Kool-Aid or something.

Detective Armstrong: We were told that Alyx strictly abstained from alcohol.

Megan Plummer: Right. But Katie talked Alyx into playing a drinking game called Chug It. Alyx kept losing and getting drunker.

Detective Murphy: How is this game played?

Megan Plummer: You draw cards. The lowest card is the loser, and the loser has to chug her drink while the other two shout, "chug it, chug it, chug it," and you chug until they stop saying, "chug it."

Detective Murphy: Explain "chug," please?

Megan Plummer: You have to, like, gulp it.

Detective Murphy: Did Alyx choose her own cards?

Megan Plummer: No, Katie picked the cards.

Detective Murphy: How many times did you have to "chug it"?

Megan Plummer: Three, I think.

Detective Murphy: Was it a coincidence that Alyx got the low card so often?

Megan Plummer: I'm not sure. I got three, and Katie got maybe two. The rest were Alyx's.

Detective Murphy: Did you watch Katie pick the cards?

Megan Plummer: No, Alyx was being goofy and making me laugh. I didn't notice anything. I was having fun.

Detective Murphy: Did you taste what Alyx was drinking?

Megan Plummer: No, why would I?

Detective Armstrong: So, Alyx got drunker and drunker, and then what?

Megan Plummer: She finally passed out. Katie said it would be funny to have Alyx's parents find her drunk in the pool. So we carried her over to the pool and lifted her onto the raft.

Detective Murphy: You put an unconscious person on a raft in the pool?

Megan Plummer: Katie said it would be fine. She promised it would be okay!

Detective Murphy: Did you leave at that point?

Megan Plummer: I— I tried…

Detective Armstrong: Megan, did you kill Alyx Byrns?

Megan Plummer: No! Please! I didn't do it.

Detective Armstrong: You didn't do what?

Megan Plummer: I tried to leave. I did. Then Katie started laughing. She took that knife—Josh's knife—and cut Alyx's arm. She put the knife in Alyx's hand. I saw the water turning red with Alyx's blood. I turned and ran away.

Detective Murphy: You didn't try to stop the bleeding?

Megan Plummer: Katie wouldn't let me.

Detective Murphy: You didn't call 911 to get some help for Alyx?

Megan Plummer: I didn't— I was freaking out! I didn't know what to do. I didn't want Katie to get mad at me too.

Detective Murphy: So your friend was passed out and bleeding in the pool, and you didn't do anything to help her?

Megan Plummer: Katie said Alyx would be okay. It was just another prank, like always.

Detective Armstrong: Megan Plummer, you are under arrest for the murder of Alyx Byrns.

Megan Plummer: Please. Please! It wasn't me. It was Katie! She said it would look like suicide. She said it would be okay!

Detective Murphy: Stand up, please, and place your hands behind your back.

Interview ended – 9:45 a.m.


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