Suspect #2 interview, pt 1

Smiling blonde womanTuesday, December 20, 2022 – 9:30 a.m.

Sylvia Mason was a close friend of Jackson Walker.

Detectives Murphy and Parker talked to her again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Sylvia Mason

Detective Murphy: Sit down, Ms. Mason. We have much to discuss.

Sylvia Mason: I'm pretty sure we don't. The only reason I agreed to come down here was to get my personal property back. I'm sure some sleazy cop is probably getting his rocks off to my poetry in a back room somewhere. I better not get my journal back with the pages sticking together.

Detective Murphy: Calm down. Answer a few questions, and I'll see if we can return your personal items to you.

Sylvia Mason: All right. What do y'all want? I don't know anything.

Detective Parker: Do you still know what your name and address are?

Sylvia Mason: Sylvia Ann Mason. 342 Elm Street, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Since you brought it up, let's talk about that journal of yours for a bit.

Sylvia Mason: I suppose y'all read it? It was private.

Detective Murphy: Part of the job. Honestly, I think your poetry is quite good. I wonder if some of the credit should go to your muse, "JW."

Sylvia Mason: Surely.

Detective Parker: Who is "JW?"

Sylvia Mason: Nobody. An empty pseudonym. 

Detective Parker: You'll have to do better than that. We found some love notes in your trash addressed to "JW," too. Are you in the habit of sending love notes to imaginary people? 

Sylvia Mason: If you have to know, "JW" is obviously Jackson Walker. 

Detective Murphy: That's good because he's read your journal.

Sylvia Mason: What?  

Detective Murphy: His fingerprints are all over it.

Sylvia Mason: You lie.

Detective Murphy: We can get a printout of the forensics report from the Crime Lab if you like.

Detective Parker: It's okay that he read it, though, since "JW" is him, right? I'm sure he was flattered…well, until he saw that he was cut out of all the pictures you were using as bookmarks.

Sylvia Mason: Oh my God.

Detective Parker: You know who wasn't cut out of those pictures? Josh Walker.

Sylvia Mason: That doesn't mean anything. Y'all are seeing things that aren't there.

Detective Murphy: So you deny being in a relationship with Josh Walker?

Sylvia Mason: Yes. I deny it.

Detective Parker: Instead, Josh is just another one of your many sexual conquests?

Sylvia Mason: What? No! Y'all are putting words in my mouth.

Detective Parker: Can you explain the love sentiment on this sticky note, then?

Sylvia Mason: I never wrote it.

Detective Murphy: Okay, then how about this one addressed to "My Love JW?" Detective Parker, will you do the honors?

Detective Parker: Let me see… "My Love JW, When you are around, my whole body knows it. When you are far, I'm left empty, like sunken galleons under the sea. You are the reason I take the next breath. I need you just to be." So sweet.

Sylvia Mason: Where did you find that?

Detective Murphy: In Josh Walker's car. Care to explain?

Sylvia Mason: I was writing little notes to Jackson all the time. He must have had one and dropped it in Josh's car some time, I guess. 

Detective Murphy: We were under the impression that Josh and Jackson didn't get on too well.

Sylvia Mason: But they were still family.

Detective Parker: I guess if Jackson lost it, it would explain why that love note was all crumpled up and dirty on the floorboard of the vehicle.

Sylvia Mason: What? Why did he do that?

Detective Parker: Why did who do what?

Sylvia Mason: Josh, I mean Jack. Why would he crumple up my love note? 

Detective Murphy: I think you did mean Josh.

Sylvia Mason: No, I meant Jack. Their names are just similar, and Detective Parker's always trying to trick me into—

Detective Murphy: Stop with the charade. We know that you've been seeing Josh. We found your shampoo in his shower.

Sylvia Mason: Shampoo?

Detective Murphy: Your SachaJuan® shampoo. You know, like the brand that we saw in your shower. 

Sylvia Mason: Nothing is sacred to y'all. You're up in our beds and in our showers. You can't get away with this invasion of privacy!

Detective Parker: You want more?

Sylvia Mason: Do you even have more?

Detective Parker: Your shampoo and conditioner bottles in Josh's shower have your fingerprints on them. 

Sylvia Mason: No, they wouldn't. The fingerprints would have washed off! 

Detective Parker: Oh, so you were in Josh's shower.

Sylvia Mason: Oh, I hate y'all. Do they teach you to work people over like this in cop school? What is it that you wanna hear? That I f****d Josh Walker? Well, I did. Multiple times. Including in his shower with my precious shampoo bottles watching. Are you happy? Y'all got me to say it.

Detective Parker: You should write a poem about it.

Sylvia Mason: All right, I am getting the hell out of here! I don't have to take this shit!

Detective Murphy: If you leave, you won't find out what Josh is saying about you right now.

Sylvia Mason: He's here?

Detective Murphy: That's right. In the room right behind that wall. I'm sure he'll be interested to know that you admitted to us that you were sleeping with him behind his brother's back.

Sylvia Mason: Why are y'all doing this to me? You don't have to tell him.

Detective Parker: True. Maybe we'll just ask him why he killed his brother to get with you permanently.

Sylvia Mason: No. He wouldn't have killed Jack because of me.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Sylvia Mason: Because Josh isn't that type of person. He wouldn't do anything like that. 

Detective Murphy: Well, let's go find out. Ms. Mason, if you want to find out what's happening with Josh, you'll stay right here. There's water for you there while you wait. Detective Parker?

Detective Parker: After you.

Interview suspended – 9:56 a.m.

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