Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 2:40 p.m.

Robert Rand is Ryan Rand's fatherRobert "Big Bobby" Rand arrived at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and demanded to speak with detectives involved with his son's arrest. Mr. Rand appeared to be in a highly agitated state. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked to him in an interview room at the YCSD. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Robert Rand

Robert Rand: What have you done with my son?

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Rand, why don't you come in here and have a seat.

Robert Rand: I don't want to have a seat. I want to know what you've done with my son.

Detective Armstrong: Well, sir, he's over at the jail. He–

Robert Rand: I know all that. Why won't you let me see him?

Detective Armstrong: Sir? I'm not sure what you mean. If you just go to the jail–

Robert Rand: I went to the jail. I'm not some kind of idiot. They wouldn't let me see him.

Detective Armstrong: Did they say why?

Robert Rand: They said my name wasn't on the list or some such nonsense. Why do I need to be on a list? He's my son!

Detective Murphy: Sir, I can see you're upset–

Robert Rand: Of course I'm upset. My son is in jail!

Detective Murphy: Why don't I go make a call and see what I can find out?

Robert Rand: Yes. Do that. Maybe they'll tell you what's going on.

Detective Murphy: I'll be right back.

Detective Armstrong: While we wait, why don't we talk about Ryan?

Robert Rand: I'm not talking to you about Ryan. You're the one trying to say he was involved in murder.

Detective Armstrong: Has he told you anything about what happened between him and Cameron and Caitlin?

Robert Rand: No, he hasn't told me anything. I told you they wouldn't let me see him.

Detective Armstrong: What about before today?

Robert Rand: What difference does it make? I'm only here because you won't let me see my son. I didn't come here to talk.

Detective Armstrong: OK. How did you know he was back from California? We've only been here a few hours.

Robert Rand: I had a lawyer here waiting for him. She told me when you got here.

Detective Armstrong: I see.

Robert Rand: She couldn't get in to see him either, by the way. What are you people trying to pull?

Detective Armstrong: We aren't doing anything to prevent Ryan from having visitors, I can assure you.

Robert Rand: We'll just see about that.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe it's just some mix-up at the jail.

Detective Murphy: Actually, no, it isn't.

Robert Rand: What do you mean?

Detective Murphy: Well, I talked to the people at the jail, and they tell me they couldn't let you in because Ryan didn't put your name on the visitation log.

Robert Rand: And what does that mean exactly?

Detective Murphy: They said he told them he doesn't want any visitors.

Robert Rand: I am not a visitor. I am his father. Are you saying he doesn't want to see me?

Detective Murphy: I didn't get the impression that it's you specifically, but yes.

Robert Rand: That doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't he want to see me?

Detective Murphy: I'm sorry. I don't know.

Robert Rand: Well, even if he won't see me, you can't stop him from seeing his lawyer.

Detective Murphy: We didn't stop him. He said he didn't want to see the lawyer either.

Robert Rand: Well, he wouldn't have put her name on the list because he didn't know she'd be there today, but she's his lawyer.

Detective Murphy: I understand. They told him, and he said he didn't want to see her.

Robert Rand: That's ridiculous. Why would he do something so stupid?

Detective Murphy: I really don't know, sir.

Robert Rand: But I'm his father. Don't they have to let me see him, no matter what he says?

Detective Murphy: Well, Ryan is an adult, so no. I'm sorry. I know that's not what you want to hear.

Robert Rand: What did you say to him to make him do this?

Detective Armstrong: We didn't say anything. He made this decision on his own.

Robert Rand: Why should I believe you?

Detective Armstrong: Because it's the truth.

Robert Rand: Well, no offense, but you're also the ones who think he was involved in a murder, so you'll understand if I don't trust your judgment.

Detective Armstrong: I understand why you'd think he wasn't involved.

Robert Rand: He wasn't! My son is a good man, a gentle man. He wouldn't kill anyone and certainly not Cameron.

Detective Armstrong; Why not Cameron in particular?

Robert Rand: No. I told you I wasn't going to talk to you about this, and I'm not. What do I have to do to get in to see Ryan?

Detective Murphy: You have to get him to put your name on the list.

Robert Rand: And how do I do that?

Detective Murphy: Maybe you could write him a letter?

Robert Rand: Write him a letter?

Detective Murphy: That's an option.

Robert Rand: You don't understand. His mother cries all the time now. How can I go home and tell her our son won't see me? What am I supposed to do now?

Detective Murphy: I don't know, sir. This is an upsetting time for a lot of people. Maybe Ryan will change his mind after he's had a little time to think about it.

Robert Rand: You think so?

Detective Murphy: Anything's possible.

Robert Rand: I guess that's true. Listen, I'm sorry for bursting in here like that. I'll get out of your hair now.

Detective Murphy: Let me walk you out.

Robert Rand: Those people at the jail, they're keeping an eye on Ryan, right? To make sure… nothing happens?

Detective Murphy: Yes, sir.

Interview ends: 3:07 p.m.

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