Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 000073-05A-2014
Case Description: Cameron & Caitlin Maxwell Homicide Investigation

While awaiting the extradition hearing for Ryan Rand, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy obtained a affidavit from Terrance Kershaw regarding his knowledge of Ryan Rand's activities and of the Maxwell homicides. The affidavit was sworn before a notary public at the Sonoma County (CA) Sheriff's Office.

      ) ss.
  County of Sonoma.   )

COMES NOW   Terrance Kershaw   being first duly sworn, under oath, and states that the following information is within   his   personal knowledge and belief:

I have known Ryan Rand since September of 2010 when we met through a philosophy discussion group on the Internet. We became friends, finding that we shared many of the same beliefs and questions. Though I had not met Ryan in person until January 17, 2014, we spoke often on the phone and online by email and chat. I have known Ryan to be a sincere individual, a seeker of truth.

Ryan first spoke to me of his friendship with Cameron and Caitlin Maxwell in the fall of 2010. He told me his sorrow over the growing distance in his friendship with Cameron Maxwell. However, he expressed to me on many occasions his wish that Cameron and Caitlin succeed in their chosen path. At no time did I have any indication that Ryan held any feelings of animosity, hostility or aggression toward his friends, the Maxwells.

My first knowledge that there was something out of the ordinary in Ryan's life was a period of no contact. I last heard from him on December 29, 2013, by email when all seemed well with him. I was not concerned as I know that each of us must seek our own path and learn from it. I believed that he would contact me at the time that was correct for him to do so.

On January 15, 2014, I received an email from Ryan that showed me clearly a confused individual who was immersed in personal pain. I believe that Ryan chose to write to me because he knew within that he must rise above his personal immersion and come to terms with the lessons of his own life. I have given this email, with my friend's blessing, to detectives from the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department on the afternoon of February 15, 2014.

Ryan arrived at the Bohemia Zen Center around 3:00 p.m. on January 17, 2014. He was tired in mind and body and collapsed in a deep sleep for a period of several hours. Subsequently, we had a conversation in which Ryan questioned the course of action he should take in his life. I reminded him that he had within himself the intrinsic wisdom to act appropriately in any situation. He recognized his path to the Center as that of his basic nature pursuing that inner wisdom though his mind was refusing to accept.

Ryan expressed a desire to stay at the Center, and I helped him enroll in the Guest Resident Practice program in which he participated daily until February 15, 2014. During his sojourn, we had many conversations in which I could see that he was grappling with something he was not yet able to verbalize. During one such conversation, he told me of the death of his friends, the Maxwells. I had no knowledge of the events in Oxford or of the death of the Maxwells until that disclosure.

I had multiple ensuing conversations with Ryan as he struggled to accept impermanence and emptiness. Ultimately, he told me that he was responsible for the death of his friend Cameron Maxwell and that he was not responsible for the death of Caitlin Maxwell. At that time, I guided Ryan toward accepting that he had the capacity to turn himself in to the authorities and pursue a path of truth.

Ryan found some peace in the knowledge that his friends have already embarked on their next life to learn the lessons set aside for them. Every day, he moved closer to achieving calm and reliance on the inherent purity of his true nature within.

On February 15, 2014, I was contacted by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office and asked to come in for an interview. When I left the Center, Ryan was aware of where I was going and he was engaged in zazen to attain readiness to face his path of acceptance.

I returned to the Center approximately two hours later with officers from the Sonoma County and Yoknapatawpha County sheriff's departments. I led the Sonoma County deputies to a small reception room where Ryan was waiting. At that time, he surrendered to the deputies and to his path.

I attest that Ryan did not give anything to me or leave anything in my possession during his stay.

  Signature:     //Terrance Kershaw  
  Address:     100 Mountain Meadow Road  
      Santa Rosa, CA 95404  


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO (OR AFFIRMED) before me this   16th   day of   February  ,   2014  , by   Terrance Kershaw  , proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) who appeared before me.

      //Carol M. Hawley  
  My Commission Expires:     October 1, 2015  

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