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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Have you seen this man?

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone who has seen this man to contact them.

Oscar Knight has not been seen since last Saturday, May 25th. Some witnesses have placed him at The Roadhouse Bar & Grill that night.

His whereabouts after he left there are uncertain, though there is some indication he may have returned to the motel where he was staying. Knight was a guest at the Rebel Inn motel on S Lamar, where he checked in last Friday.

On Sunday, May 26th, a severed human finger was found in Knight's room at the motel, but Knight himself was nowhere to be found.

The YCSD won't say whether they believe Knight was the victim or the perpetrator in that incident. All they'll say is they'd like to find him and talk to him.

If you have any information about Oscar Knight or where he is now, please contact the YCSD

By Kemper Jones at 10:56 AM


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