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Victoria Witte, M.D.


Full Autopsy Performed


 DUBOIS, Barbara Ellen

Coroner's Case #:

Date of Birth:




Date of Death:
 05/01/2015 – 05/02/2015

Body Identified by:
 Susan Dubois, mother

Case #

Investigative Agency:
 Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department




The autopsy is begun at 8:00 A.M. on May 4, 2015. The body is presented in a black body bag. When first viewed, the deceased is clothed in a floor-length blue gown with rhinestones and is wearing blue high-heeled shoes. The hands are bagged to preserve possible evidence.  No jewelry was included. 

The body is that of a normally developed white female measuring 67 inches, weighing 127 pounds and appearing generally consistent with the stated age of 23 years.  The body is cold following refrigeration and preservation is good on the unembalmed body. Lividity is fixed and unblanching on the posterior surface of the body.

The scalp is unremarkable and covered in straight, reddish-brown hair with a maximal length of 36 cm. The hair is encrusted with what appears to be blood.

The eyes are partially open. The irides are brown. The corneas are cloudy. The sclerae are clear. The pupils measure 0.45 cm. The nose and ears are unremarkable. The teeth are natural with some amalgam restorations.

A hematoma (2 cm x 2 cm) is present on the left temporal area of the scalp. On the occipital region of the scalp, five (5) deep semi-circular wounds to the skull (all approximately 1 cm in diameter). The posterior region of the neck has 2 deep semi-circular wounds of approximately 1 cm in diameter. 

The chest, abdomen and back are symmetrical and intact. The external genitalia are that of an adult female and there is no evidence of injury. The anus is atraumatic.

Limbs are equal, symmetrically developed and intact. Nine acrylic fingernails are present and painted red. The fingernail from the middle finger of the right hand has been broken. 

There are no residual scars, markings or tattoos.


HEAD--CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: Four (4) hairline fractures to the occipital bone are observed by X-ray. No injury to the brain is present. The brain weighs 1,325 grams and is within normal limits.

MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM: Other than the four (4) hairline fractures to the occipital bone noted above, the musculoskeletal system is intact, unremarkable and within normal limits.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Trace amounts of vomit are present in the posterior oral cavity. The oral cavity shows no lesions. The mucosa is intact and there are no injuries to the lips, teeth or gums. There is no obstruction of the airway.

The mucosa of the epiglottis, glottis, piriform sinuses, trachea and major bronchi are anatomic. No injuries are seen and there are no mucosal lesions. The hyoid bone, the thyroid, and the cricoid cartilages are intact.

The lungs weigh: right, 350 grams; left 360 grams. The lungs are unremarkable. The pulmonary vessels are grossly normal.

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: The heart weighs 249 grams and has a normal size and configuration. No evidence of atherosclerosis or gross ischemic changes of recent or remote origin are present.

GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM: The mucosa and wall of the esophagus are intact and gray-pink, without lesions or injuries. The gastric mucosa is intact and pink without injury. The stomach contains 5 cc of brownish fluid.

The mucosa of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon and rectum are intact with no injury. The small intestine, appendix and colon are unremarkable.

HEPATOBILIARY SYSTEM: The liver weighs 1,128 grams. The gallbladder contains 22 cc of dark green bile, no stones and is grossly normal. The extrahepatic biliary system is unremarkable. The pancreas shows the usual lobular architecture, mild autolysis, and is otherwise normal.

URINARY SYSTEM: The kidneys weigh: left, 120 grams; right, 115 grams. The kidneys are anatomic in size, shape and location and are without lesions.

The pelvic calyceal system and ureters are unremarkable. The urinary bladder contains 9 cc of clear yellow urine.

FEMALE GENITAL SYSTEM: The structures are within normal limits.  Examination of the pelvic area indicates the deceased had given birth in the past but was not pregnant at the time of death. There are no signs of recent sexual activity. Vaginal fluid samples are removed for analysis.

TOXICOLOGY: Samples of central and peripheral blood, vitreous humor, gastric contents, urine, liver and bile are submitted for toxicologic analysis.

SEROLOGY: A sample of right pleural blood is submitted in the EDTA tube. Routine toxicologic studies were ordered.


Coroner's injury diagram
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(1) A hematoma (2 cm x 2 cm) is present on the left temporal area of the scalp. The wound is not consistent with the other seven (7) wounds to the back of the head and neck (see Injury Descriptions 2 and 3 below).

Opinion: This is a non-fatal perimortem injury.

(2) Two (2) deep semi-circular wounds approximately 1 cm in diameter to the posterior region of the neck. The two (2) sharp force injuries are made with an instrument, possibly cylindrical in shape, having a diameter of approximately 1 cm at the point of contact.

The wound paths are approximately 3 cm in length, causing comminuted fractures to the cervical vertebrae, which resulted in lacerations of the spinal cord. Microscopic examination of the wounds reveals what appear to be grains of dirt or dust. 

Opinion: These are fatal injuries.

(3) Five (5) deep semi-circular wounds to the occipital region of the skull, all approximately 1 cm in diameter. The five (5) sharp force injuries seem to be made with the same instrument that pierced the neck (see Injury Description 2 above).

The wound paths penetrate the skin and subdermal tissues. Four of the five wounds have created hairline fractures to the skull. Microscopic examination of the wounds reveals what appear to be grains of dirt or dust. 

Opinion: These are non-fatal perimortem injuries.


Cerebrospinal fluid culture and sensitivity:

Gram stain: Unremarkable
Culture: No growth after 72 hours

Cerebrospinal fluid bacterial antigens:

Hemophilus influenza B: Negative
Streptococcus pneumoniae: Negative
N. Meningitidis: Negative
Neiserria meningitidis B/E. Coli K1: Negative

Drug Screen Results:

Urine screen {Immunoassay}:


Millicent Schmid, Ph.D.
Chief Toxicologist
May 7, 2015


1. One (1) blue formal gown

2. One (1) pair blue, high-heeled women's shoes, size 6

3. One (1) samples collected from under the deceased's fingernails

4. One (1) pink bra

5. One (1) pair pink women's underwear

6. Samples of Blood (type A+), Bile, and Tissue (heart, lung, brain, kidney, liver, spleen)

7. Samples of residue found in head and neck wounds

8. Nine (9) autopsy photographs

9. One (1) postmortem CT scan

10. One (1) postmortem MRI


Time of Death: Body temperature, rigor and livor mortis, and stomach contents approximate the time of death between 9:00 P.M. 05/01/2015 and 1:00 A.M. 05/02/2015.

Immediate Cause of Death: Sharp force injury to the head made with an instrument with a circular end at least 1 cm in diameter and at least 3 cm in length

Manner of Death: Homicide


//Manish Agarwal, M.D.
Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office
May 8, 2015

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