Sofia Church (Iglesias) was born on December 18, 1978, to Denzel and Laura Gibbons. The couple had a son, Kevin, when Sofia was three-years old.

Although Denzel worked for a trucking company, he was a short-distance hauler, and managed to eat dinner with the family most nights. Laura taught third grade until giving birth to Sofia and returned to teaching after Kevin entered school. The Gibbons owned their home and took a two-week vacation every summer, camping in a different state each year.

Sofia is remembered by her teachers as the student who always had her hand up first. Said her seventh-grade English teacher, "Perhaps because her mother was a teacher, Sofia seemed desperate to impress us." Sofia graduated fourth in her class.

After attending Ole Miss and receiving her bachelor's degree in business administration, Sofia studied for and passed her real estate exam. While working towards that goal, she met Dr. Angel Iglesias at a public concert, and the two began getting together to hear live music.

Dr. Angel Iglesias was six years older and already a practicing dentist when the two met. They dated for three years and then married on the anniversary of the concert where they first shared a blanket. The couple has three children: Angela, Tony, and Daniel. Sofia's mother-in-law watches the children when their parents aren't home.

After the usual succession of typical high school and college jobs, Sofia worked at Pearce Brokers until two and a half years ago when she accepted her current position at Harte Agency.

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