Scavenger Hunt Daily Clues — Day #6


2013 Holiday Scavenger Hunt clues — Day #6, January 2, 2014

  1. Solve the clues below to identify where on each case document is located.
    • Each clue's Hint provides a tip about which case document you're looking for.
  2. Use the Previous Cases menu to go to the case document that answers each clue.
  3. Click the You Found It image to claim your Case Credits.
  4. Take note of each Scavenger Hunt Puzzle prompt presented in the Congratulations pop-up.
    • At the end of the Scavenger Hunt, use the prompts to solve the Scavenger Hunt Puzzle.
  5. Come back each weekday from now through Friday, January 3, 2014, to solve each new set of clues.
The web sleuth who solves the most daily clues and solves the Scavenger Hunt Puzzle will win our Grand Prize package, which includes a Forensic Science Kit and other CSI gear.

Runners-up can also win prizes, so start your hunt today.

Note: You must be logged in as a Case Officer (a free, registered user) or as a Case Detective (a paid subscriber) to collect Case Credits and win prizes.
Some of the fun prizes you could win
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Clue #1

Find this item and get 5 Case Credits
This man blamed the victim for the breakup of his marriage in which case?

Find this man's first interview in the investigation

Clue #2

Find this item and get 10 Case Credits
The second time this woman figured in an investigation, she was involved in another extramarital affair with another murder victim in which case?

Find this woman's second interview in the investigation

Clue #3

Find this item and get 10 Case Credits
When she was in college, this woman's boyfriend was found dead on the side of a road. Years later, new evidence in his murder was found during some renovations in which case?

Find this woman's interview from the investigation when her college boyfriend's body was first discovered

Clue #4

Find this item and get 15 Case Credits
The victim's fondness for Catfish moonshine gave the killer the means to poison him in which case?


Find the inventory from the Voluntary Consent Search the victim's wife permitted of their residence



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