Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 001388-14G-2011
Case Description: Investigation of suspicious finding in Shops and Stores

The YCSD obtained records of Butch Weaver's 1995 arrest in Panola County, copies of Rhonda Pendergrass's liquor license for The Juke Joint, Carly Brock Turner's nursing license, and Richie Turner's accounting license.

Their fingerprints from those records were submitted to the State Crime Lab for comparison against the unidentified fingerprints found in the hidden room discovered in the UM Physical Plant Shops and Stores building.

In addition, their fingerprints were compared against the unidentified print found on the washer attached to the key found with Kevin Gilmore's body.

Preliminary findings are summarized below.

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