How much do you know about the year Kevin Gilmore was murdered?

Solve these 1987-themed crosswords and earn a free, 30-day paid subscriptionIt's been nearly 30 years since Kevin Gilmore died.

How much do you know (or remember?) about what happened that year in notorious crimes, pop culture, major news events and more?

We have four 1987-themed crossword puzzles with increasing levels of difficulty that will test your knowledge of that year.

Solve all four puzzles, and you’ll earn 200 Case Credits* — enough to get 30 days of access to all the bonus features available to paid subscribers**!


Ready to show off your smarts (or your Googling skills)?

Get started.


* You must be a registered user and be logged in when you solve the puzzles in order to earn Case Credits.

** Case Credits will be added to your account after the Hidden Room case has ended.

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