Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department

Investigating Officer(s): Detective Terry Nelson, Detective David Anderson

Case Description: Kevin Gilmore Death Investigation

The YCSD followed up on the alibis given by the potential suspects in an attempt to verify their whereabouts on the evening and night of December 10, 1987, the last time Kevin Gilmore was seen alive.


Name of suspect Alibi Confirmed Not Confirmed
BROCK, Carly Was with Kevin Gilmore at 4:00 pm   X

Cannot be verified.
CROSBY, Nick With several teammates at the showing of Wall Street. 7:00 pm X

Verified by other members of the team.
FINNEGAN, Jason In the Kinard Hall recreation room watching TV. X

Verified by Richie Turner.
GILMORE, Don Playing cards at the Simpson household X

Verified by Mr. & Mrs. Simpson.
GILMORE, Judy Playing cards at the Simpson household X

Verified by Mr. & Mrs. Simpson.
ROBARDS, Tomas Home alone   X

Cannot be verified.
TURNER, Richie In the Kinard Hall recreation room shooting pool with Kevin Gilmore until 9:00 pm. X

Verified by Jason Finnegan.

Note: Five (5) of the seven (7) alibis did check out. However, all seven (7) suspects claim to have been sleeping overnight. Those claims can neither be confirmed nor disproved.


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