Preliminary-Search-ForensicsCSU conducted preliminary fingerprint and toxicological analyses on evidence collected during recent searches.

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  Steven Bobbitt — we need to find out who the unidentified fingerprints on gar......

arrest-reportThe detectives took a suspect in the murder of Ambrose Garrett into custody on Monday, August 20, 2012.

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  melina — Delilah could't see her husband becoming an alcoholic like h......
  melina — Well,it's a difficult case.All of the participants are a bit......

Suspect in custody

The Oxford Eagle gets Whitehall residents' reactions to the arrest made in the death of Ambrose Garrett.

Suspect ArrestedThe detectives interviewed the suspect in custody for the murder of Ambrose Garrett on the day after the arrest.

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  coralie blue — Don't be disappointed. We know how she killed Garrett Ambro......
  Tom Howells — me do detect the lawyers knows his clieent has been naughty ......

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