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New Information for Detectives

Analysis of handwritten note

Analysts conducted a preliminary examination of the handwritten note found among Monica's effects.

New frustration in Drum case

The Crime Beat reports: Another twist in the Drum murder investigation

Security video

YCSD investigators located video of a person of interest at the time of the murder.

Kenzie Walker interview

Kenzie Walker reportedly was with Melvin Roberts shortly after Monica Drum was killed.

Jessica Shaffer bio

Investigators researched the background of Jessica Shaffer, named as a beneficiary of Monica's will.

Ballistics analysis

The lab analyzed evidence collected from the crime scene and from Mr. Roberts.

Melvin Roberts evaluation

The county mental health service evaluated Melvin Roberts at the sheriff's department's request.

Rick Hughes pens letter

Rick Hughes addresses the community about his involvement in the Monica Drum murder.

New Information for Officers

Safe deposit box inventory

Detectives coordinated with Shelby County, TN authorities to execute a search warrant.

Candy Roberts interview

Candy Roberts came into the Sheriff's Department to talk about her husband's confession.

Lori Schultz interview

The detectives met with Lori after she found an object hidden at Ms. Drum's residence.

Incident report – object found

A caller reported the discovery of an unusual object in Monica Drum's residence.

Newspaper clip file – Melvin Roberts

Investigators pulled copies of articles Monica wrote about Melvin Roberts.

YCSD Archive: Drum/Roberts incident report

From the Sheriff's Department archives: Monica Drum filed this report regarding Melvin Roberts.

Melvin Roberts interview

Melvin agreed to talk to the detectives about his confession to killing Monica Drum.

Melvin Roberts bio

Melvin is a native Yoknapatawphan and was well-liked until he was falsely accused of rape.


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