Does Bonnie's info about a possible love triangle shed new light on this case?

Bonnie Duncan interview #2

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 – 1:17 p.m.

Bonnie Duncan lives across the street from Caroline Jordan's residence.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Bonnie Duncan

Detective Murphy: Good morning, Ms. Duncan. Thank you for coming in. Have a seat, and make yourself comfortable. Please state your name and address for the record.

Bonnie Duncan: I'm not sure I'll be of much help, but I'll do whatever it takes to find Carly's killer. My name is Bonnie Duncan, and I live at 110 Pearidge Road in Oxford. And please call me Bonnie.

Detective Murphy: Okay, Bonnie, I know it was hard for you having to identify Carly's body. How are you doing today?

Bonnie Duncan: I'm doing all right. I just can't get that image out of my head, seeing her lying in the morgue. It was awful. I'm sorry. I can't seem to stop crying.

Detective Murphy: Here are some tissues. Take your time.

Bonnie Duncan: Thanks. I'll be okay. I want to do what I can to help.

Detective Armstrong: Bonnie, how well did you know Carly?

Bonnie Duncan: I've known her for several years. I used to go over to visit her mom, Susan. Carly and I became closer after Susan and Tim were killed.

Detective Armstrong: So Carly kept living there after her parents passed away?

Bonnie Duncan: She had relatives that offered her a home, but she refused to leave her parents' house. She was totally devastated after losing them. Right after their deaths, I watched over her. I made it a point to visit as often as I could.

Detective Armstrong: You must have been a great comfort to her.

Bonnie Duncan: I did what I could. After several weeks, she decided to go back to work at the toy store. She loved working there and was so excited when she got the full-time elf job. She loved dressing up in that elf costume. She looked so cute in it. Carly was a beautiful girl.

Detective Murphy: Did Carly ever talk to you about her co-workers? For instance, did she have any problems with anyone?

Bonnie Duncan: I didn't know any of them personally except Gary Gibson. He lives in the neighborhood.

Detective Murphy: Do you know anything about him?

Bonnie Duncan: He and Carly had been friends for a long time. He's a good person, and he truly cared about Carly.

Detective Murphy: Did she ever talk to you about anyone else?

Bonnie Duncan: She did mention a couple of people she worked with. She said her boss, Morgan Pierce, was a bit flirty, and she knew he liked her. Before the party, Carly told me she was a little worried that he was going to make a move on her that night.

Detective Murphy: Why was she worried?

Bonnie Duncan: Oh, because she didn't have any interest in him, but she didn't want to hurt his feelings either.

Detective Murphy: Was she seeing someone else? Is that why she wasn't interested?

Bonnie Duncan: No, she hadn't dated much lately. If you want my opinion, she was still healing from losing her parents.

Detective Murphy: That's why she was worried about Morgan Pierce asking her out?

Bonnie Duncan: That, and she was upset about the whole situation because some people thought Morgan gave her the job just because he was interested in her.

Detective Murphy: Was that true?

Bonnie Duncan: Of course not! Carly worked hard for that job. Morgan may have had a crush on her, but he knew she was the best person for the job. She was great with the customers, and she out-sold everyone in that store.

Detective Murphy: Can you think of anyone in particular who may have had something against Carly?

Bonnie Duncan: Actually, yes. Nancy Ford had applied for the elf job too, and Carly said she was sure Nancy was angry about not getting it

Detective Murphy: Did she say why she thought so?

Bonnie Duncan: Because Nancy started giving her dirty looks like she just hated her.

Detective Murphy: Do you know why Nancy was so upset?

Bonnie Duncan: Carly told me the word around the shop was that Morgan had promised Nancy the job. If that's true, you can see why she'd be angry. Besides, it was no secret that Nancy had a crush on Morgan.

Detective Murphy: Did Carly have any trouble with any of her other co-workers?

Bonnie Duncan: I don't think so. Why do you keep asking me about them? Do you think Carly was killed by someone from work?

Detective Armstrong: We're not sure of anything at this time, but I promise you, we're doing our best to find her killer.

Bonnie Duncan: I hope you find this person, and they get what's coming to them. Carly didn't deserve to die.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for coming in, Bonnie. We know this has been tough on you. If we can do anything for you, please call.

Bonnie Duncan: Thank you.

Interview ended – 1:58 p.m.



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