What crime did Morgan admit committing the night Caroline was killed?

Morgan Pierce interview

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 ā€“ 10:00 a.m.

Morgan Pierce was Caroline Jordan's employer.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Morgan Pierce

Detective Armstrong: Good morning, Mr. Pierce. Thank you for arriving so promptly.

Morgan Pierce: Yeah, whatever. Let's get on with this. This is the busiest time of the year at the Toy Shoppe, and I need to get back there as soon as possible. What's this about anyway?

Detective Armstrong: First things first, Mr. Morgan. Please state your name and address for the record.

Morgan Pierce: I'm Morgan Pierce, and my address is 1502 Madison Avenue, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Are you acquainted with Caroline Jordan?

Morgan Pierce: Carly? Yes, she works at my shop. Why?

Detective Murphy: Have you ever been to her house?

Morgan Pierce: Sure. I was there last night. She had a party.

Detective Murphy: And that's why we found your name on a guest list of sorts?

Morgan Pierce: I guess so.

Detective Armstrong: Have you not changed clothes since the party?

Morgan Pierce: Ha-ha, very funny. Of course, I have. I'm wearing this get-up today because of a promotion we're running at the shop.

Detective Armstrong: Did you have on this "get-up" last night at the party?

Morgan Pierce: Yes.

Detective Murphy: What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Morgan Pierce: A Chevy Tahoe. Why?

Detective Armstrong: Did you drive it here today?

Morgan Pierce: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: I'm going to step out for a moment. You two carry on. I won't be long.

Detective Murphy: Did you drive the Tahoe to the party last night?

Morgan Pierce: Yes, I did. Is something wrong? Why are you so concerned about my truck?

Detective Murphy: A witness saw a person in a Santa suit drive away from Ms. Jordan's place, knocking over the mailbox as they left.

Morgan Pierce: Okay, that was me. I didn't think it was a big deal. I was going to tell Carly about it the next time she worked, and I'm going to buy her a new one ā€” a better one. I'm her boss, but we're also friends. I didn't break any laws.

Detective Armstrong: Well, well, you have quite a dent in your back bumper there, Mr. Pierce. How did that happen?

Morgan Pierce: I was just telling your partner here that I hit Carly's mailbox. I was going to tell her today. No biggie.

Detective Armstrong: No biggie? Caroline Jordan was murdered last night.

Morgan Pierce: What? Carly was murdered?

Detective Armstrong: You want to try that again? See if you can be more convincing trying to sound surprised?

Morgan Pierce: What do you mean?

Detective Armstrong: You left the scene in a big hurry. We've got to wonder why you knocked that mailbox down and just drove away.

Morgan Pierce: Whoa, hold it right there! I didn't kill her. She was alive when I left.

Detective Armstrong: Can anyone back you up on that? Who was still there after you left?

Morgan Pierce: I don't know. We all left about the same time. I swear I didn't harm her in any way. All I did was back into the mailbox. You can't arrest me for that.

Detective Murphy: What time was that when you all left?

Morgan Pierce: I don't know. About 10:00 p.m.?

Detective Armstrong: That's pretty early. Did something happen that brought the party to a sudden end?

Morgan Pierce: What? No. We all had to work today, so we made it an early night.

Detective Murphy: Did you kill Caroline Jordan?

Morgan Pierce: No! I wanted to ask her out. I wouldn't kill her. You have to believe me.

Detective Armstrong: Sounds like a motive to me. What happened? She turn you down?

Morgan Pierce: You bastard! How dare you?

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Pierce, I'm pleased to inform you that you're mistaken. Reckless driving is certainly an arrestable offense.

Morgan Pierce: No, it's not. I know my rights. Wait!

Detective Armstrong: If this were your first time, you might have a point, but we all know it isn't.

Morgan Pierce: You can't do this. I have a business to run.

Detective Armstrong: I guess you should've thought about that a little sooner.

Detective Murphy: You know how this goes, sir. If you cooperate, you'll be booked. You'll see a judge. You'll probably be home by suppertime. But if you resist, your stay with us could get a lot longer.

Morgan Pierce: Fine. I get it. Let's just get this over with.

Detective Armstrong: Good. While you're enjoying the comforts of the county jail, we'll see what evidence we find that says you killed Caroline Jordan.

Morgan Pierce: You won't find any. I swear!

Detective Murphy: This way, Mr. Pierce.

Interview ends ā€“ 10:25 a.m.



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