Veronica Smith MD was found dead in her homeWhat's happened so far…

Investigation Day 1

Friday night, a man called 911 after he and his stepdaughter found his wife dead in their home. Initial indications at the scene suggested a possible suicide.

After the detectives examined the master bedroom where the body was, they sat down with George O'Connor to find out more about how he came to find his wife's body.

Investigation Day 2

While investigators worked to learn more about the late Veronica Smith, the Oxford Weekly Planet broke the news to the community.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy talked with Veronica's daughter, Haley, about her life with her mom and the events of the last 24 hours.

Later on, Veronica's sister, Liz, drove up to meet with the detectives.

Investigation Day 3

CSU sent over a preliminary list of evidence collected from the scene along with some photos.

That afternoon, investigators wrapped up their canvass of nearby residents of the Smith/O'Connor neighborhood.

Following up on what they heard from Veronica's husband and sister, investigators spoke to people who'd spent time with them the night Veronica died.

Investigation Day 4

The next day, the detectives went to the Yoknapatawpha Gastroenterology Center to talk to Veronica's co-workers. First, they sat down with Dr. Hilton Burns, one of the partners.

Next, they met with the other partner, Dr. James Mendoza.

After speaking with the partners, the detectives talked to the other employees at Veronica's practice.

Meanwhile, investigators talked to Veronica's friends to find out more about where Veronica was the evening she died and what her mood was like.

Investigation Day 5

The next morning, the detectives met with Veronica's brother-in-law and former boyfriend, Dr. Michael O'Connor.

Before their next interview, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy reviewed Veronica's cell phone records and a map of locations relevant to the investigation.

A little later, Will Sands, a longtime friend of the department, came in to tell the detectives about his interactions with Veronica the evening she died.

Meanwhile, investigators followed up on the conversations with Veronica's partners to verify where Dr. Burns and Dr. Mendoza were the night Veronica died.

Investigation Day 6

Investigators also looked into where Dr. O'Connor was the night his sister-in-law died.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy met with Veronica's attorney to find out more about the malpractice lawsuit.

Later, they talked to Veronica's ex-husband, Wallace Smith by video chat.

That afternoon, they went over to the hospital to talk to people there who'd worked with Veronica, and they met a doctor who seemed to have some inside knowledge.

Then they went back to the sheriff's department for a formal interview with an assistant administrator from the hospital.

Investigation Day 7

The next morning, the detectives asked the hospital's head surgical nurse to come in to talk about her working relationship with Dr. Smith.

After the detectives talked to Ruthie Foreman, investigators went to the hospital to speak to her co-workers about her and her activities the night Veronica Smith died.

Meanwhile, other investigators reviewed the harassing text messages Veronica had been receiving.

Detectives in New York spoke to Wallace Smith's neighbors about his whereabouts the night Veronica died.

Back in Yoknapatawpha county, investigators went back and talked to Veronica's neighbors again in light of new information.

Investigation Day 8

The detectives started the morning talking to Kenneth Lemmons' attorney since they'd been unable to reach Mr. Lemmons himself.

Then they reviewed the incident report from Veronica's 911 call reporting that her tires had been slashed.

That afternoon, Mr. Lemmons agreed to come in and talk about his lawsuit against Veronica.


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After Mr. Lemmons left, the detectives located a copy of his wife's obituary.

Investigation Day 9

The next morning, they met with Dwight Kramer's wife to find out more about his activities the night Veronica died.

Later, investigators tried to determine whether any employees at the Malco theater had seen Kenneth Lemmons the night Veronica died.

Investigation Day 10

First thing in the morning, the detectives talked to the man who towed Veronica's car and repaired the tires.

When they finished, the detectives learned that the crime lab had sent over a summary of some of their preliminary findings from the scene.

They also reviewed a map that other YCSD investigators had created showing where that prepaid cell phone was each time it sent a text message to Veronica.

In light of what they'd learned so far about the harassing text messages, the detectives asked CSU to take another look at the exterior of the Smith residence.

After lunch, the coroner filed a summary report of their autopsy findings, which prompted Detectives Armstrong and Murphy to meet with a fellow detective to learn more about one item of particular interest in that report.

Later, the detectives talked to Veronica's brother-in-law again to find out what he knew about that same question.


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