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Bobby Canton interview

Monday, January 11, 2021 – 5:21 p.m.

Bobby Canton is Katie Masters' ex-boyfriend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy got his contact information from Corrie Townsend and went to see him at his home.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Bobby Canton

Detective Murphy: Thanks for talking to us, Bobby. Would you state your name and address for the record?

Bobby Canton: I'm Bobby Canton. I live at 510 Maple Cove.

Detective Murphy: How old are you, Bobby?

Bobby Canton: I'll be 18 in March.

Detective Murphy: Do you know why we want to talk to you?

Bobby Canton: Because of Katie?

Detective Murphy: That's right.

Bobby Canton: I didn't do that to her, you know.

Detective Murphy: Do what?

Bobby Canton: I didn't kill her.

Detective Murphy: Do you know who did?

Bobby Canton: Probably somebody she made mad. She does that a lot.

Detective Murphy: Did she make you mad?

Bobby Canton: Only every day.

Detective Murphy: How did she do that?

Bobby Canton: She was always hanging all over other guys, making fun of me. Just being a b****, basically.

Detective Murphy: She was your girlfriend, wasn't she?

Bobby Canton: She was supposed to be. At least until she broke up with me for no reason.

Detective Murphy: When did she do that?

Bobby Canton: I don't know, like, three weeks ago maybe? I was going to dump her anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Detective Murphy: When was the last time you saw Katie?

Bobby Canton: At school on Friday.

Detective Armstrong: Tell us how you spent the day on Sunday.

Bobby Canton: The day Katie …?

Detective Armstrong: Yes.

Bobby Canton: You think I killed her?

Detective Armstrong: Should we?

Bobby Canton: No! I didn't!

Detective Armstrong: Okay. Tell us what you did on Sunday.

Bobby Canton: I don't know. I woke up. My mom made breakfast. I did some chores. I went out for a while. I came home. I had dinner. I did homework. I went to bed.

Detective Armstrong: Where did you go?

Bobby Canton: What?

Detective Armstrong: You said you went out for a while. Where did you go?

Bobby Canton: Nowhere. Just around.

Detective Armstrong: You must've gone somewhere, Bobby.

Bobby Canton: Fine. I met up with some people at McDonald's, then we went to this guy Jason's house to play video games. Then I went home.

Detective Armstrong: Who did you meet up with at McDonald's?

Bobby Canton: I don't know. Just some kids from school.

Detective Armstrong: A new girlfriend?

Bobby Canton: No.

Detective Armstrong: Did you see anyone else while you were at McDonald's?

Bobby Canton: No. … Oh, I forgot. Katie and her b**** friend Corrie were there.

Detective Armstrong: So Friday wasn't the last time you saw Katie?

Bobby Canton: Well, if you want to be picky about it, I guess, but it doesn't really count. They were way on the other side of the place. I didn't even get within 10 feet of them.

Detective Armstrong: Did you say anything to either Katie or Corrie?

Bobby Canton: No.

Detective Armstrong: Did you spend much time looking at them?

Bobby Canton: No. Why should I care what those b****** do?

Detective Armstrong: So if they thought you were staring at them like you were angry, they would've been wrong?

Bobby Canton: Damn straight! Is that what Corrie told you? She always wants to make everything into drama, but she got it wrong as usual. She's not very smart, you know. I wasn't looking at them, but even if I was, I wasn't angry. Bored maybe.

Detective Armstrong: While you weren't watching them, did you notice anyone hanging around them, watching them or talking to them?

Bobby Canton: No. Why would I care if she was flirting with some other guy right in front of me? She's not my problem anymore.

Detective Murphy: Bobby, what time did you leave McDonald's?

Bobby Canton: I don't know, like, noon, I guess?

Detective Murphy: And where did you go when you left?

Bobby Canton: To this guy Jason's. I told you that already!

Detective Murphy: That's where you played video games?

Bobby Canton: Yes.

Detective Murphy: How long did you stay at your friend Jason's?

Bobby Canton: He's not my friend. He's just this guy I know from school.

Detective Murphy: Okay. How long did you stay at Jason's house?

Bobby Canton: I don't know. 'Til about 4:00 p.m., I guess.

Detective Murphy: Do you know how we can get in touch with Jason?

Bobby Canton: I've got his number in my phone.

Detective Murphy: Okay. We'll get that from you before we go.

Bobby Canton: Whatever.

Detective Murphy: And when you left Jason's, where did you go?

Bobby Canton: Home. I told you!

Detective Murphy: Did you stop anywhere on the way?

Bobby Canton: No.

Detective Murphy: Did you go out again at any time on Sunday?

Bobby Canton: No.

Detective Murphy: Was anyone else here when you got home Sunday afternoon?

Bobby Canton: My parents.

Detective Murphy: Anyone else?

Bobby Canton: No.

Detective Murphy: Are your parents going to confirm that you came home Sunday afternoon and never left?

Bobby Canton: You aren't going to tell them about this, are you? My mom's gonna go nuts if she finds out the cops were here, and I didn't tell her.

Detective Armstrong: Do you want us to talk to your parents, or would you rather be a murder suspect?

Bobby Canton: Can I think about it?

Detective Armstrong: Sure, kid. While you're thinking about it, tell us, have you ever been to the Kangaroo Express on University?

Bobby Canton: Yeah. Who hasn't?

Detective Armstrong: When was the last time you were there?

Bobby Canton: I don't know. Last week sometime?

Detective Armstrong: Which day?

Bobby Canton: Thursday, maybe?

Detective Armstrong: So when we check the security video, we're going to see you there on Thursday and not anytime since then?

Bobby Canton: I guess? How do I know what you can see on their video and what you can't?

Detective Armstrong: Do you know anyone who works at Kangaroo Express?

Bobby Canton: No.

Detective Armstrong: Did Katie?

Bobby Canton: Not that I know of, but I don't know all the guys she knew. She threw herself at every guy she ever saw, so she might've known someone there.

Detective Armstrong: You seem pretty angry at Katie still.

Bobby Canton: If you knew her like I did, you would be too.

Detective Armstrong: So what's it going to be, Bobby? We talk to your parents, or you go on our suspect list?

Bobby Canton: Talk to my parents, I guess. They'll be here soon anyway. But can you maybe tell them you want to know where I was for some other reason and not because of Katie?

Detective Armstrong: Like we're checking your whereabouts because you might've been involved in an armed robbery or something like that?

Bobby Canton: Yeah, that would work. Can you do that?

Detective Armstrong: We'll see what we can do, kid.

Interview ended – 5:58 p.m.



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