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Travis Gilley interview summary

In 1958, Detective McPhail and the deputies assigned to the Izard murder cases conducted over 500 interviews with suspects. Only those interviews that were directly relevant to the investigation are included in the 1958 case file summaries.

On Saturday, April 12, 1958, Detective McPhail interviewed Travis Gilley, bartender at Sid's Tavern, to try to corroborate the whereabouts and timelines provided by numerous witnesses who had claimed to be at Sid's on April 11, 1958.

The following interview summary and timeline are taken directly from Travis Gilley's statements in the 1958 case files.

Gilley interview summary

Saturday, April 12, 1958 – 1220 hours

Travis Gilley
123 Stone Road, Oxford, MS

Interviewed at Sid's Tavern.

Gilley helped to reconstruct the movements of those at Sid's Tavern following the layoffs on Friday. He confirmed the following time frames for the prime suspects in the case.

He knows the Bowlan crowd very well, stated that most arrived right around noon and the first big crowd left shortly after the fight between Jimmy Warren and Perch.

He stated that the majority of the rest stayed until 1630 to 1700 before clearing out.

Confirmed that the loudest threats came from Jimmy Warren, Elbert Warren, Jessie Danahy, Howard Hadley, and Ralph Quillens. Only Jimmy Warren actually took swings inside Sid's.

Conducted by Detective Jack McPhail.

Gilley's timeline

Time Frame Relevant Persons of Interest

Arriving before 1200 hours

Elliot Perch, Jimmy Warren, Howard Hadley, Ralph Quillens, Jack Peach, Ed Rebstock, Frank Valenti

Arriving between 1200 and 1230 hours

Walter Hinkley, Jessie Danahy, Jeff Skinner, Elbert Warren, Frank Abbott, Louis Corbett, Steve Ibello, Glenn Johnson, Lou Nash, Fred Earle, Charlie Duncan, Joe Mitchell*, Wes Hannaford

Leaving before the altercation between Perch and Jimmy Warren which occurred at approx. 1255 to 1300 hours

Ed Rebstock

Leaving right after the altercation between 1300 and 1330 hours

Elliot Perch, Jimmy Warren, Walter Hinkley, Jessie Danahy, Pete Corey, Harvey Booker, Elbert Warren, Howard Hadley, Glenn Johnson, Lou Nash, Fred Earle, Wes Hannaford

Leaving between 1330 and 1400 hours

Ralph Quillens, Frank Abbott

Gilley recalls Miz Carmichael coming in looking for Hadley in this time frame

Leaving after 1415 and before the news of the murders

Charlie Duncan

Gilley was unable to place specific times for Duncan but is sure it was after 1415 and before the news of the murders

Remained until after 1515 hours when the news of the Izard murders reach Sid's

Jack Peach, Steve Ibello, Jeff Skinner, Louis Corbett, Frank Valenti

* Gilley did not know when Mitchell left Sid's.



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