Canvass – YHS students

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy returned to the Yoknapatawpha High School campus and spoke with classmates and archery teammates of Marc Huddleston and Lizzie Miller to get more information on the couple's relationship.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Jesse Kipner
Age: 16
Archery team member and classmate

Jesse Kipner transferred to Yoknapatawpha High School in February 2020 and immediately joined the archery team to make friends. Jesse is a decent shot but struggles to maintain the GPA required to compete.

Jesse said that he noticed Lizzie right away at his first team meeting in February and thought about asking her out. But he said that it immediately became obvious that Lizzie and Marc were an item, so Jesse decided not to waste his time.

Jesse said Marc was pretty upset when Mr. Miller made Lizzie break things off, but that Marc and Lizzie basically ignored Mr. Miller's wishes and continued to date behind Mr. Miller's back.


Jason Rudd
Age: 17

Jason Rudd said that he and Marc Huddleston were biology partners in Mr. Miller's class and that up until about a month ago, they were friendly. Jason said that's when he noticed an upswing in Mr. Miller's frustration level, which seemed to be directed mostly at Marc.

But, Jason said, he and others suffered collateral damage because of it. Specifically, Jason said he felt Mr. Miller's scrutiny when working on in-class projects with Marc as his partner. Jason said Mr. Miller hovered over Marc and watched him intently, which made Jason nervous. On one project, Jason's nerves caused him to drop the wrong solution into a petri dish, which lowered both his and Marc's grade.

Jason said that when he tried to talk to Mr. Miller about it, Mr. Miller raised his voice and told Jason that if he wanted to quit his lab partner he could, but he'd have to do all of his lab work alone which would be twice as much work.

Jason told Marc point-blank that he should stop dating Lizzie for everyone's sake. Jason said that Marc tried to deny that Lizzie was still his girlfriend, so Jason told Marc that everyone knew he and Lizzie were still together and that probably Mr. Miller knew it too.

At that point, Marc told Jason to keep his ignorant opinion to himself and then walked off. Jason said that he later apologized, but that Marc isn't as friendly to him now.


Sage Sherwood
Age: 16

Sage Sherwood is a friend of Lizzie's, and the two are in Mr. Dutton's English class together.

Sage said that the Marc and Lizzie break-up was a joke, and she totally supports the couple's romance. Sage said she encouraged Lizzie to continue to see Marc and told Lizzie that Mr. Miller was out of control.

About once a week, Sage meets Lizzie at the skate park and hangs out with her until Marc can get there.


Bailey Vinson
Age: 17
Archery team member and classmate

Bailey said she had heard a rumor that Mr. Miller made Marc and Lizzie break up, but Bailey knows they are still dating. She said the couple tries to act casual at school, but every day in the hallway just before third period, Bailey sees Marc and Lizzie pass each other, shoulder-to-shoulder, and Marc squeezes Lizzie's hand.

Bailey said that two weeks ago, she saw Marc and Lizzie at the skate park and Lizzie was sitting on Marc's lap. Later, Bailey saw them kissing by Marc's Jeep.

Bailey said she thinks Marc and Lizzie are super-cute as a couple. She described Marc as a good guy and said she doesn't understand why Mr. Miller had a problem with him dating Lizzie.


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