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Lizzie Miller interview #2

Sunday, November 1, 2020 – 1:45 p.m.

Lizzie Miller is the victim's daughter.

Detective Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Lizzie Miller

Detective Murphy: Thanks for meeting with me, Lizzie. I know this isn't what you want to be doing right now.

Lizzie Miller: Yeah. It's finally sinking in… he's really gone, forever.

Detective Murphy: Before we get started, I need you to state your name and address for the record, please.

Lizzie Miller: Elizabeth Miller. 244 Sisk Avenue.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. I just need to find out a bit more about everything that was going on.

Lizzie Miller: Okay.

Detective Murphy: We know that your dad was friends with Lyle Nelson over at the Happy Hunter. Did you ever meet him?

Lizzie Miller: Yeah, he came over a couple times. Guy gave me the creeps.

Detective Murphy: How so?

Lizzie Miller: He was always talking about hunting, showing off pictures of animals he killed. It was disgusting.

Detective Murphy: Did he do anything else that bothered you?

Lizzie Miller: He would get into the gory details of his hunting trips. It was like he got his jollies out of killing things. When I would get mad, he would joke and say, "You haven't lived until you've killed something."

Detective Murphy: Do you think he had anything to do with what happened to your dad?

Lizzie Miller: I mean, he's way into killing animals, but I don't think he would hurt a person. Especially my dad. Why would he do that? My dad was his friend. It doesn't make any sense.

Detective Murphy: Some other things aren't adding up either. Let's talk about your alibi.

Lizzie Miller: I was—

Detective Murphy: Lizzie, we know you weren't at High Point Coffee. Why don't you get straight with me and tell me where you were?

Lizzie Miller: Okay, when I talked to you before, I was in shock. I'm so sorry I lied. The words just came out of my mouth without thinking.

Detective Murphy: Okay. Where were you?

Lizzie Miller: I was with Marc.

Detective Murphy: I thought your dad made you break up.

Lizzie Miller: That's what I told my dad. I know it was dumb to lie. Once I started, it was automatic.

Detective Murphy: What do you mean by automatic?

Lizzie Miller: Once I started lying about still hanging out with Marc, I just kept doing it without thinking or even feeling guilty about it.

Detective Murphy: But you're being straight with me now, right? Anything that you're not forthcoming about will affect this investigation.

Lizzie Miller: Yes, officer.

Detective Murphy: Why did you break your promise to not see Marc anymore?

Lizzie Miller: It's not like we were going out and doing anything bad like some kids do. We were hanging out at the skate park when this all happened.

Detective Murphy: But still, you were sneaking around.

Lizzie Miller: It's just, he was so hard to deal with when he knew I was dating Marc. When I told him we broke up, he was so much nicer and way more chill. It was easier to lie than for him to know. My dad was one to hold a grudge. You can ask Jimmy all about that.

Detective Murphy: Who's Jimmy?

Lizzie Miller: He's on the archery team too. My dad constantly gave him crap.

Detective Murphy: Do you know why?

Lizzie Miller: No idea. But once you're on my dad's bad side, it's hard to get off it.

Detective Murphy: Can I show you a photo of a necklace we found in your dad's desk?

Lizzie Miller: Yeah, let me take a look.

Detective Murphy: It has a charm on it: the word "Ten." What do you know about this?

Lizzie Miller: That's mine. He took that away. Marc gave that to me.

Detective Murphy: But what does ten mean?

Lizzie Miller: That's Marc's nickname. A perfect ten. That's like the best score you can get in archery.

Detective Murphy: Lizzie, you've lied to us before. Is there anything else that you're holding back? If so, I need you to tell me now.

Lizzie Miller: Okay, my mom, she knew that I was still seeing Marc.

Detective Murphy: So you were both lying to your dad?

Lizzie Miller: Yeah, she even drove me to the skate park that night.

Detective Murphy: Why would she do that?

Lizzie Miller: She likes Marc. She knows how happy he makes me.

Detective Murphy: Is there anything else I need to know?

Lizzie Miller: No, officer, I swear

Detective Murphy: Okay, Lizzie, I appreciate you coming clean with me. If there's anything else you forgot to tell me, you know how to get in touch.

Lizzie Miller: I'm so sorry. That's really all I know.

Interview ended – 2:01 p.m.


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