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Caroline Miller interview #2

Sunday, November 1, 2020 – 1:00 p.m.

Caroline Miller is the victim's wife.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Caroline Miller

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in today, Caroline. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Caroline Miller: Yes, of course. My name is Caroline Miller, and I live at 244 Sisk Avenue, here in Oxford. Do you have information?

Detective Murphy: We have several leads we're pursuing.

Caroline Miller: Oh, okay. I thought you wanted to tell me something.

Detective Armstrong: We asked you to come in to clarify a few things.

Caroline Miller: I'll do my best, detective. Oh, before I forget, how long before we can get Lizzie's archery equipment back from you?

Detective Murphy: Hopefully soon, but we can't release it just yet.

Caroline Miller: Great. Thanks. She needs it to stay in practice, is all.

Detective Murphy: I understand.

Detective Armstrong: Caroline, are you familiar with a man by the name of Lyle Nelson?

Caroline Miller: Yes. He was a friend of Frederick's.

Detective Murphy: But not yours?

Caroline Miller: No, not mine. I don't think he likes me too much, and the feeling is mutual.

Detective Murphy: Why?

Caroline Miller: I don't trust him. He's always giving me these sideways glances. And he's an exuberant hunter. Not just a sportsman. He loves to kill things, and he gets excited talking about the actual killing.

Detective Armstrong: Do you think that might translate to people?

Caroline Miller: It wouldn't surprise me. He loves to describe what it feels like when the eyes of his kills go dead. I think it's sick.

Detective Armstrong: But your husband was okay with it?

Caroline Miller: I don't know that he was okay with all of it, but it didn't bother him the way it bothers me.

Detective Murphy: Do you think Lyle Nelson killed your husband?

Caroline Miller: I don't know why he would. Frederick spent time with Lyle at Lyle's store. They'd talk about "manly" things, I guess, because Frederick always came home stirred up.

Detective Armstrong: Stirred up how?

Caroline Miller: Agitated and defensive.

Detective Murphy: Was there something specific your husband would be agitated and defensive about?

Caroline Miller: He'd go see Lyle and come home wanting to know what my debit card activity was for or why I had pulled money out of the ATM. Where I was. Who I was with.

Detective Armstrong: Was he satisfied with your answers?

Caroline Miller: No, detective, he was not.

Detective Murphy: Did he have reason to doubt?

Caroline Miller: No. I was honest with Frederick about what the money was used for.

Detective Murphy: Were you dishonest with your husband about other things?

Caroline Miller: I'm … I'm sorry. That's … I'm … why would you ask that?

Detective Armstrong: You just said your husband came home, stirred up and asking questions about where you were and who you were with.

Caroline Miller: What?

Detective Murphy: Are you romantically involved with someone outside of your marriage?

Caroline Miller: No! My God, no!

Detective Murphy: Did your husband suspect that you were?

Caroline Miller: No. Why would he?

Detective Armstrong: We have a witness at the school who says that you and your husband had a verbal altercation in the school parking lot. Is that what it was about?

Caroline Miller: No. And I'm not having an affair.

Detective Murphy: Was it about your husband's gambling problem?

Caroline Miller: What? No! Frederick didn't have a gambling problem. Where are you getting this terrible information?

Detective Armstrong: I'm sorry this is upsetting to you, Mrs. Miller, but you need to know that so far, we can't confirm your alibi. So I'm sure you can understand that we have to follow up on information we've received, such as your husband having a gambling addiction and you having an affair.

Caroline Miller: Oh, my God. I … I am not having an affair.

Detective Murphy: Are you sure your husband wasn't a gambler?

Caroline Miller: I'm not sure of anything now.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you on Thursday from 5:15 p.m., when you say you left the house until 9:00 p.m.?

Caroline Miller: Okay, I didn't go to yoga. I dropped Lizzie off at the skate park, not High Point Coffee. Then I went to Square Books and browsed. Sat outside for a while. Waited until I knew Frederick was gone, then I went home. At around 9:00 p.m., I left to get Lizzie. Parked on the street and waited for her.

Detective Murphy: Is there anyone at all who can confirm any of that?

Caroline Miller: I don't think so.

Detective Armstrong: We found a necklace in your husband's office. It's sort of a charm. Says “Ten.” Does that belong to you?

Caroline Miller: No. That would be Lizzie's necklace.

Detective Murphy: Where did she get it? Do you know?

Caroline Miller: Yes. From Marc. It's his nickname.

Detective Murphy: Is he that pretty?

Caroline Miller: Well, yes, if you ask Lizzie, but that's not it. His archery skills earned him that nickname.

Detective Murphy: Why did your husband have the necklace?

Caroline Miller: He saw it after he'd told Lizzie to end the relationship, so he confiscated it.

Detective Armstrong: Was Lizzie still seeing Marc?

Caroline Miller: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: Behind your husband's back?

Caroline Miller: Yes, detective.

Detective Armstrong: But not behind yours?

Caroline Miller: No, I knew they were seeing each other.

Detective Armstrong: Was there excessive tension between Lizzie and your husband?

Caroline Miller: There was tension, yes. I don't know about excessive.

Detective Murphy: What about between Marc and your husband?

Caroline Miller: Lizzie and Marc are teenagers in love. My husband was protective of his daughter. What do you think?

Detective Armstrong: Do you think Frederick suspected that they were still seeing each other?

Caroline Miller: He knew that Lizzie and Marc still wanted to be together, and he forced them to break up. I'm sure he was suspicious, but I don't think he had proof.

Detective Murphy: These photos were in your husband's office.

Caroline Miller: Oh, my God. Frederick had these?

Detective Murphy: Yes. Do you know if they were taken before or after he forced Lizzie and Marc to break up?

Caroline Miller: After. They were taken after. Oh, my God.

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure?

Caroline Miller: Yes. That one, I was with them when … we … how could he … you found these in his office?

Detective Armstrong: Yes. Caroline, did your husband ever threaten Marc?

Caroline Miller: Threaten? Um … not seriously. He just … he just told Marc to stay away from Lizzie or there would be consequences.

Detective Armstrong: Did he ever say what those consequences would be?

Caroline Miller: No. No, detective, he didn't mean— Frederick wouldn't hurt anyone!

Detective Armstrong: What about Marc? Would he hurt anyone, do you think?

Caroline Miller: Marc? Absolutely not! He's a great kid. He was frustrated with the situation, but he was working hard to get on Frederick's good side.

Detective Armstrong: This drawing also was in with your husband's belongings.

Caroline Miller: This is … I have no idea what to say to this.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know who drew it?

Caroline Miller: I don't.

Detective Murphy: Under the circumstances, Caroline, I'm sure you can appreciate the importance of being able to confirm your alibi.

Caroline Miller: Yes. I'm so sorry.

Detective Murphy: If you can think of anyone or anything to help us in that regard, please contact us.

Caroline Miller: Thank you. I will.

Detective Murphy: Okay. That'll be all for now.

Interview ended – 1:27 p.m.


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