Canvass – archery team parents

On Saturday, October 31, 2020, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to the parents of the young athletes on the Yoknapatawpha High School archery team.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Marianne Bills
Age: 38

Marianne Bills spoke highly of Frederick. In him, she saw a man whose life was led by a moral compass. She attends the same church as Frederick and noted how dedicated he was to the choir as well as the archery team.

Marianne characterized some of the parents as drama queens, citing Karen Oster as one parent who always seemed to be dissatisfied with how Frederick treated her daughter, Sheila. Marianne said Frederick did give Sheila many pointers and feedback about her technique during practice. Still, according to Marianne, Sheila wasn't very good at archery and needed all the help she could get.

Marianne said Karen had even spoken to her about whether she felt Frederick needed to ease up on the kids. Not wanting to argue with Karen, Marianne agreed with her.

However, Marianne said she would've opposed any effort to discipline Frederick or remove him from the archery team coaching staff, despite what she told Karen.


Stephanie Bragg
Age: 48

Stephanie Bragg did not have a high opinion of Frederick. She felt that as an assistant coach that he often overstepped his authority. She said her son, Jimmy, had been unfairly singled out and held back as a team member.

Stephanie acknowledged that she and Frederick had disagreements but said they were all due to Frederick's inability to take responsibility for the way he unfairly treated her son.

Stephanie remarked that Frederick did seem to be tired and stressed recently, and she believed that his multiple responsibilities as assistant coach, assistant choir director, and high school teacher were wearing him down.


Donald Huddleston
Age: 52

Donald Huddleston confirmed that his son, Marc, had dated Lizzie Miller and that this relationship had ended. Donald did not have any negative opinions about Lizzie dating his son. He said he had supported Frederick's wishes for them to break up because he wanted to keep the peace.

Donald said Frederick's explanation for why the teens shouldn't date was that Marc wasn't right for his daughter, a remark Donald took personally. Donald said he had raised Marc to be a gentleman and could not understand Frederick's disapproval.

Donald described how Frederick had treated Marc coldly, particularly at the practices when Frederick made Marc sit out many exercises because of what Frederick called Marc's bad attitude. Donald said that though his son had his issues with Frederick, Marc takes archery very seriously and would not do anything to jeopardize his standing on the team.


John Schreiber
Age: 45

John Schreiber observed that Frederick was dedicated to the team, and from what he observed at practice, Frederick took his role as the assistant coach very seriously. John said that he saw Frederick giving students additional notes and tips, even after head coach Travis Lancaster had already spoken to them.

John mentioned that his son, Scott, enjoyed being on the team but did find Frederick's personality a bit overbearing at times.

John recalled a time when he had picked up Scott from practice, and Frederick stuck around to speak to him. John said the conversation was strange, especially when Frederick told him that Scott needed stronger male role models. John recalled ending the conversation politely but being angry at Frederick for making such derogatory comments that seemed to be directed at him.


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