Murder probe continues

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Sheriff continues probe of instructor's death

Families of the victim and the freed suspect are outraged at the YCSD's handling of the investigation

Magnifying glass focused on a fingerprint

Following yesterday's surprise release of a primary suspect in the murder of Ole Miss instructor Kristi Waterson, Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department officials deny the investigation is at a dead end, saying new leads have presented themselves.

The sheriff's department's Public Information Officer Elizabeth Jones confirmed that detectives are embarking on a new round of questioning but refused to specify further details, citing the ongoing investigation.

"Suffice it to say we continue to pursue justice as vigorously as possible," Jones said.

But Waterson's parents, Michael and Virginia Waterson of Biloxi, said the recent release from custody of Nathaniel "Hunter" Nelson, a 21-year-old junior at the university, proves the Sheriff's Department has bungled the case.

"Our daughter died a brutal, horrible death, and now this is another shock," said father, Michael Waterson. "We want closure, but all we're getting is false information."

Nelson, Waterson's former student, was arrested on Saturday in connection with the murder. Rumors swirled that Nelson had been romantically involved with Waterson, who allegedly had a history of dating students.

But Nelson was freed abruptly yesterday, with Sheriff's Department officials saying only that new evidence cleared him of suspicion. 

In a statement issued this morning, Jones said newly obtained witness statements were the deciding factor in Nelson's release.

Those statements reportedly placed Nelson elsewhere during a previously uncorroborated segment of his time on the evening of August 26, when Waterson was murdered in her apartment at The Turn. Case detectives later substantiated the story, Jones said.

On the day of his release, Nelson told reporters, "I told you all along I didn't kill Kristi, and this is the proof I'm telling the truth."

Meanwhile, Nelson's attorney, Frank Sheppard of Johnson, Webber, and Sheppard in Natchez, expressed outrage over his client's treatment by the Sheriff's Department.

"It's a complete and total sham," he said of the investigation. "The police rushed to make an arrest and ruined the life of an upstanding young man with a bright future."

Sheppard confirmed that Nelson's family is considering seeking damages for the "grief and hardship" they endured as a result of Nelson's arrest and brief imprisonment.

But Yoknapatawpha County Assistant District Attorney Calvin Dollarhide dismissed Sheppard's accusations as "a bunch of baloney," saying the investigation so far has been legitimate and vowing to fight any lawsuit in court.

Jones said she wouldn't speculate on when a new suspect might be arrested in connection with the case.

By Kemper Jones at 12:00 PM


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