Canvass – area businesses

On Monday, August 28, 2023, the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department visited businesses in the area of the Campus Walk apartment complex and The Turn apartment complex, where Kristi Waterson lived. They spoke to employees at the businesses, looking for anyone who saw or heard anything on the night Kristi Waterson died, Saturday, August 26, 2026.

The interviews below are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Joel Bryce
Age: 39
Occupation: Plumber, Dixie Drains

Investigator: I understand you were out on Hathorn Road on Saturday?

Joel Bryce: That's right. Had an emergency after-hours call.

Investigator: What did you see?

Joel Bryce: I was coming out from under one of the buildings over at the Ewok Village, and I was dusting off and getting my snake out of there when I seen this clean-cut boy walking up the street.

Investigator: Could you tell where he was going?

Joel Bryce: He was headed towards The Turn apartments. I done some work over there a time or two.

Investigator: Did you notice what he was wearing?

Joel Bryce: He had on brown pants, a blue shirt, and carried a bag.

Investigator: Did he do something that attracted your attention?

Joel Bryce: No, except he was the only person I seen walking that night.

Investigator: What time did you see him?

Joel Bryce: Must've been sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. that evening.

Investigator: Thank you.


Ruth Ellen Carson
Age: 21
Occupation: Clerk, Double Quick convenience store, 1401 Jackson Avenue West

Investigator: What did you see that night?

Ruth Ellen Carson: There were a number of people walking down Hathorn Road.

Investigator: Can you describe anyone?

Ruth Ellen Carson: I saw some black guys wandering up and down the road a couple of times. I think they live back there somewhere 'cause I see 'em a lot. They come in here and buy cigarettes sometimes.

Investigator: Anyone else?

Ruth Ellen Carson: There was a college kid, preppie-like, walked by here about 6:00 p.m.

Investigator: Had you ever seen him before?

Ruth Ellen Carson: Not that I remember, but maybe.

Investigator: Do you recall any specifics about him? What he was wearing? What he looked like?

Ruth Ellen Carson: No. He looked like all the other frat guys that come by here.

Investigator: Did you see anyone else that night?

Ruth Ellen Carson: Yes, there was also an older woman, probably in her fifties, said her car broke down, walked up and asked to use the phone.

Investigator: Do you recall any specifics about her?

Ruth Ellen Carson: No. It was weird she didn't have a cell phone, but maybe she forgot it at home or something.

Investigator: Thank you.


Ralph Grubb
Age: 19
Occupation: Delivery driver, Domino's Pizza, 1603 Jackson Avenue West

Investigator: What did you see that night?

Ralph Grubb: I was making a delivery at The Turn apartments around 8:00 p.m., and I passed a college-aged guy walking through the parking lot.

Investigator: Did you notice what he was wearing?

Ralph Grubb: Khaki pants and a blue polo shirt, and he was carrying a duffel bag.

Investigator: Was he doing something that made you remember him?

Ralph Grubb: Honestly, I was driving a little fast and almost clipped the guy. That's the only reason I remember it. Other than that, I didn't see anything or notice anything while I was there.

Investigator: Thank you.


Bill Jones
Age: 20
Occupation: Cook, Papa John's Pizza, 1506 Jackson Avenue West

Investigator: What did you see that night?

Bill Jones: I was taking a smoke break around 1:00 a.m., and this guy was walking down the street.

Investigator: How old was he?

Bill Jones: I don't know. College-age?

Investigator: What was he wearing?

Bill Jones: Tan pants, blue shirt, baseball cap.

Investigator: Was he doing something unusual that caught your attention?

Bill Jones: No. If y'all weren't here pressing me to remember any little thing I saw that night, then I wouldn't have any reason to think about that guy. He was just walking along, minding his own business.

Investigator: Did you see where he went?

Bill Jones: Nope.

Investigator: Thank you.


Julio Salazar
Age: 24
Occupation: Manager, Taqueria El Milagro, 1420 Jackson Avenue West

Investigator: What did you see that night?

Julio Salazar: We were cleaning up, and I was trying to get out of here, so I wasn't really paying much attention, but I did see a guy in the parking lot around 1:00, 1:30 a.m.

Investigator: This was Saturday?

Julio Salazar: I guess, technically, it was Sunday.

Investigator: Can you describe the person you saw?

Julio Salazar: White guy, maybe 20, 25.

Investigator: What was he wearing?

Julio Salazar: Khaki pants, blue shirt.

Investigator: Was he a customer?

Julio Salazar: The customers had all been gone for a while, so he must've parked in our lot and gone somewhere else.

Investigator: Do you tow cars that park in your lot but don't eat here?

Julio Salazar: Not usually. People park here and go somewhere else all the time. Maybe they come in to eat when they come back for their cars.

Investigator: Did you see what vehicle this man got into?

Julio Salazar: No, with all of the employee cars and other overflow cars parking there, the lot was still pretty full at that point.

Investigator: Thank you.


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