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Preston Vance bio

Preston Earl Vance was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 24, 1976. He was the only child of Clive and Claudine Vance, a musical team known as C.C. Vance, who worked as studio musicians in Nashville. Clive played mandolin and banjo, and Claudine played accordion and keyboard.

The Vances lived in a tight-knit neighborhood, and infant Preston attended a small, private daycare run by a neighbor. Until age six, if Preston wasn't at home with his parents, he was in the care of one of the Vances' neighbors. While Preston spent considerable time away from home, he was very well-loved.

Preston started kindergarten at a public elementary school but was bullied by a fellow student, so the Vances put Preston in a private, co-ed, K-12 Christian school that was part of a church. Preston thrived. He became actively involved in the religious celebrations and attended services whenever his parents could drop him off.

Preston worked hard to maintain a solid B average. He was popular with the other students, and in his sophomore year of high school, he was elected student council treasurer. 

The summer between his sophomore and junior years, he worked as a camp counselor at a secular summer camp. There, he met and fell in puppy love with a counselor named Trina, who was two years older than Preston.

Trina and Preston developed a physical relationship that involved heavy petting. Trina wanted to "go all the way," but Preston panicked and ended the relationship. He spent the last week of camp in his cabin, on his knees, praying. 

During Preston's junior year, he was elected student council vice president. In late fall, he met Patsy Huff, who transferred from public school after getting into a bit of trouble by missing curfew and associating with the wrong crowd. Patsy was also a junior, and Preston, as an ambassador for the school, helped Patsy adjust. By Christmas, the two were inseparable.

Preston was elected student council vice president again during his senior year. His relationship with Patsy had blossomed, and at Christmas, Preston proposed. Patsy said yes, and the two planned a summer wedding after graduation.

Since Patsy only occasionally attended church with her family, Preston insisted on pre-marital counseling through the church affiliated with the school. The counseling involved the traditionalistic idea of the husband as head of household and decision-maker and the wife as helpmate and homemaker. Patsy didn't object, which Preston interpreted as agreement.

After the wedding, the couple moved to Senatobia, Mississippi, where Preston pursued a two-year degree in funeral services at Northwest Mississippi Community College. The Batesville Casket Company offered Preston a sales position immediately after he graduated. Because of the increased salary potential in casket sales versus a job as a funeral director, Preston accepted the offer, and the couple moved to Batesville, Mississippi. Preston quickly moved up the sales ranks and maintains the company's record as their top salesperson.

Patsy and Preston have two children, Emma and Jessilee. The Vances are long-time members of Faith and Glory Community Church, where Preston is actively involved in men's ministry. Preston also is an active member of Concerned Oxford Parents. 


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