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Jessi Lee interview #2

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 – 3:55 p.m.

Jessi Lee is a student at Ole Miss and a resident of the 24/7 livestream show "Under Glass: The Study of Generation Z in the Real."

Detectives Beckwith and Magee sat down with her again at Under Glass.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • Jessi Lee

Detective Beckwith: Please state your name and address for the record. Bear in mind, Miss Vance, we need your legal name.

Jessilee Vance: I… I'm… I'm Jessilee. I mean, my—

Detective Magee: First name Jessi, last name Lee is not your legal name.

Jessilee Vance: I… I'm so sorry. I didn't mean—

Detective Beckwith: Miss Vance, it's imperative that we get your name and address before we start the interview.

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Jessilee Vance bio

Jessilee Vance: Yes. Okay. My name is Jessilee Vance, and I live at 903 Muirfield Drive, which is the Under Glass house.

Detective Magee: Why weren't you truthful with us the last time we spoke?

Jessilee Vance: I didn't mean to lie. I didn't lie. I was just so rattled I gave you my house name.

Detective Beckwith: Why do you have a house name?

Jessilee Vance: I'm trying to maintain my reputation. I don't want this job to ruin my chances in the future.

Detective Magee: Does your family know where you live?

Jessilee Vance: My mom and my sister know where I live. My dad doesn't. He's very conservative. He doesn't approve of women working outside the home. When he finds out where I'm living… I…

Detective Beckwith: Who's your father?

Jessilee Vance: Preston Vance.

Detective Magee: And where does he think you live?

Jessilee Vance: On campus at Martin Hall.

Detective Beckwith: How did you manage to keep that from him?

Jessilee Vance: My mom, my sister, and I have all become very good at allowing my dad to—I know this sounds bad—but believe things. It's just easier that way. We … team up.

Detective Magee: So you lie.

Jessilee Vance: Well, yes. We lie.

Detective Magee: The last time we spoke, you seemed slightly confused about your whereabouts between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. last Wednesday. What time did you leave the library?

Jessilee Vance: Around 4:45 p.m. My study group left at 4:30 p.m., and I left at 4:45 p.m.

Detective Beckwith: And you went straight home?

Jessilee Vance: Sort of. I mean…

Detective Magee: What exactly do you mean, Miss Vance? Your lie about your identity, combined with your inability to give a straight answer, is very concerning.

Jessilee Vance: My dad … you don't understand.

Detective Magee: You're right. I don't understand. So please explain.

Jessilee Vance: My dad was going to be in front protesting with COP. I had to try to avoid him. If he saw me, he'd…. So I hid behind bushes and snuck into the house. I didn't see my dad there yet. I just put my hoodie over my head and….

Detective Magee: Did you do that every time COP was out there protesting?

Jessilee Vance: Only when I knew my dad was going to be there.

Detective Magee: And how did you know when that would be?

Jessilee Vance: My mom texted me.

Detective Magee: That sounds like a difficult way to live.

Jessielee Vance: It's fine, and it's just temporary.

Detective Magee: Oh?

Jessilee Vance: Next semester, I'll schedule my classes to make it easier to avoid them. You know, if Under Glass is still around, then.

Detective Magee: Did Hoyt ever suggest he might reveal your true identity to the viewers?

Jessilee Vance: No. He would never.

Detective Magee: How do you know?

Jessilee Vance: He wasn't that kind of person.

Detective Magee: I see.

Detective Beckwith: Jessi, in the time you've lived here, did you ever see any of the other residents go into the control shed?

Jessilee Vance: No. Tanya's the only one who even goes in the backyard. She sunbathes naked. But I never saw her near the shed. Not that I was looking.

Detective Beckwith: Have you ever talked to Kenny?

Jessilee Vance: Not really.

Detective Beckwith: What does that mean?

Jessilee Vance: We had kind of an informal house meeting here the other day about how this is going to work without Hoyt. That was the first time I'd been in the same room with him, but I wouldn't say we talked. I mostly listened.

Detective Beckwith: Did you see any of your housemates talking to Kenny?

Jessilee Vance: Other than at the meeting?

Detective Beckwith: Yes.

Jessilee Vance: No. Truthfully, I'm so busy with school, I don't pay much attention to the others. I just try to stay under everyone's radar.

Detective Beckwith: Are you popular with subscribers?

Jessilee Vance: I guess so. I made some bonus money, yeah.

Detective Magee: Did Hoyt get any flak from the other residents about that?

Jessilee Vance: I mean, Tanya's competitive about sharing the profit, but I never heard her confront Hoyt about that. She'd just work harder on her social media.

Detective Beckwith: Miss Vance, do you drink peach-flavored Red Bull?

Jessilee Vance: No, I don't. That stuff is disgusting. Shiloh's the only person in the world who drinks that, I'm pretty sure.

Detective Beckwith: You know Shiloh?

Jessilee Vance: I've never met her, if that's what you mean, but I know who she is, obviously.

Detective Beckwith: Then how do you know what she drinks?

Jessilee Vance: There were a couple of cans of that stuff in the fridge when I moved in. I think it was Lacey who told me whose they were. She said I could drink them if I wanted to, but she recommended against it. I should've listened to her.

Detective Beckwith: Why's that?

Jessilee Vance: She was right. It was disgusting.

Detective Beckwith: What happened to the peach Red Bulls after that?

Jessilee Vance: Um, well, I dumped out the one I was drinking and put the can in the recycle. The others are probably still in the fridge.

Detective Beckwith: When did you try that one?

Jessilee Vance: I'm not sure. The day I moved in? Maybe the day after?

Detective Magee: Jessi, is there anything else you haven't told us the truth about? Now's the time to come clean because if we find out about any other lies after this, it won't look good for you.

Jessilee Vance: No, I've told you everything. I swear!

Detective Magee: Okay, thank you. We'll be in touch if we have any further questions.

Interview ended – 4:24 p.m.


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