Decoded notebook


Investigating Officer(s): Det. P. Beckwith, Det. J. Magee
Incident No.: 005299-18J-2023
Case Description: Hoyt Biffle homicide investigation

The detectives asked Alden Puckett to assist in deciphering the text written in a notebook found in Hoyt Biffle's residence.

After analyzing the content in the notebook, Mr. Puckett created the key below and provided the translation.

Code and Key

Evidence # 005299-49: One (1) dotted bullet journal

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Evidence # 005299-102: One (1) code key created by Alden Puckett

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Alden Puckett translated all coded information in Hoyt Biffle's notebook. The translation is provided in its entirety.

Victor Arwood (Minneapolis, MN) - Credit card fraud. Contacted 8-11-19. Ended 

David ‘T Bone’ Taemon (New York, NY) - Drug dealing. Arrested. In prison.

Flora Caine (Shade Gap, PA) - Credit card fraud. Profile - Too poor.

Clifford Dunleavy (Mechanicsburg, PA) - Cyberstalking. Profile - Too poor.

Mary Insley (Port Washington, NY) - Wire fraud. Contacted 11-11-19

Cari Muldoon (Baltimore, MD) - Identity theft, used home computer. Contacted 2-3-20. Ended

Peter Rabb (Olathe, KS) - Counterfeiting. Arrested. In prison.

Isadore Bretz (Lubbock, TX) - Drug dealing. Dead

Kelly Ostrom (Belle Isle, FL) - Identity theft, uses home computer. Contacted 5-5-20

Harold Weitzel (Rio Rancho, NM) - Credit card fraud. Profile - Mentally ill.

Arlo Aker (Manhattan, KS) - Wire fraud. Profile - Too poor.

Brandy Catalan (Memphis, TN) - Forgery. Contacted 12-2-20

Patrick Cates (Forrest City, AR) - Money laundering. Dead.

Kristi Dole (Huntington, WV) - Credit card fraud. Contacted 8-12-21

Michael Higley (Vineland, NJ) - Identity theft, uses home computer. Contacted 9-13-21

Christopher Kelser (Colorado Springs, CO) - Credit card fraud. Contacted 1-23-22

Frank Stieger (Baltimore, MD) - Identity theft, uses home computer. Contacted 4-16-22. Arrested.

Bradley Chadwell (New York, NY) - Wire fraud, child porn. Arrested.

Yvonne Lathan (Denver, CO) - Identity theft, uses office computer. Profile - Too poor.

Samuel Jurado (Las Cruces, NM) - Identity theft, uses home computer. Contacted 

Gary Northrup (Sacramento, CA) - Internet piracy. Profile - Too poor.

Matt Caufield (Nashville, TN) - Wire fraud, uses home computer. Contacted 3-7-23

Note: The translation portion below corresponds to the handwritten code seen in the evidence photo.

Delaney Van Lise (Modesto, CA) - Identity theft, uses home computer. Contacted 6-3-23 

Evan Devlin (Plano, TX) - Credit card fraud. Contacted 7-16-23

Art Timmins (Oxford) - Abuses girlfriend. Contacted 

Opal Tinley (Oxford) - Peeping Tom, uses drones to do it. Contacted

Faline Williams (Eau Claire, WI) - Identity theft, uses home computer. Contacted 9-1-23.

Preston Vance (Oxford) - Porn addiction, sexual harassment. Contacted 9-24-23.

Cole Bell (Lincoln, NE) - Drug dealing, uses office computer. Contacted 


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