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June Puckett interview #2

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 – 5:30 p.m.

June Puckett is married to Alden Puckett.

Detectives Beckwith and Magee spoke to her again at the Yokanapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • June Puckett

Detective Beckwith: Thank you for coming in today, Mrs. Puckett. Before we start, would you please state your name and address for the record?

June Puckett: You're welcome, detective. The sooner we get this awful business over with, the better. I'm Mrs. June Puckett, nee Starkweather, and I live at 240 Colonial Road with my husband, Alden Puckett.

Detective Beckwith: Thank you. During our last meeting, you told us that you had introduced Birdie Tarver to Hoyt Biffle.

June Puckett: That is correct.

Detective Magee: How much did you know about their relationship?

June Puckett: I know they were in love, and they had intimate relations at least once, which produced a lovely child. Other than that, detective, I'm not in the habit of making other people's intimate relationships my business.

Detective Magee: And what about Alden?

June Puckett: What about Alden?

Detective Magee: Was he more involved with them?

June Puckett: Meaning what, exactly?

Detective Beckwith: Did Alden spend any time with them that you know of? Like maybe when you weren't there?

June Puckett: No. Not to my knowledge. We socialized with them, but— I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are asking, and I'm not entirely sure I appreciate the implications.

Detective Beckwith: No one is implying anything, Mrs. Puckett. We're just asking how much time you and your husband spent with Birdie and Hoyt together, as a couple, and separately.

June Puckett: We socialized as two couples who are friends socialize. Birdie is our friend, and Alden had a previous association with Mr. Biffle. That association turned strictly social and only in the company of Birdie and me.

Detective Magee: So, Alden wasn't alone with Birdie or Hoyt.

June Puckett: No, detective. When Alden saw Birdie and Hoyt, he saw them together with me. I feel as if I'm not explaining myself well. Have we sufficiently covered that particular topic now?

Detective Magee: What about you? Did you spend time alone with Birdie or Hoyt, either individually or as a couple?

June Puckett: Hoyt? No, that would've been inappropriate. Not to mention, I'd find it objectionable. Birdie? Yes, sometimes, although not as often after she and Hoyt became a couple.

Detective Beckwith: Any particular reason why?

June Puckett: Why we saw each other less often? Have you never been in love? When people couple up, they tend to see their friends less often.

Detective Beckwith: So, no tension between you and Birdie.

June Puckett: None. We sort of moved into a social media friendship, which stuck even after Birdie and Hoyt broke up. We're still close but don't see each other very often. I always supported her when people would post rude and hateful comments about Hoyt or Under Glass. Have you seen any of that? Not nice. Not that I didn't agree with some of it, but some of it was really extreme.

Detective Magee: Like what, for instance?

June Puckett: Like, if someone posted that the girls are hot or something, people would take over the feed with comments about what a perv Hoyt was and how he should be in jail. Those people from COP were constantly posting their "sin" sightings from everywhere. I mean, they went after art students at Ole Miss for drawings of nude models. So, of course, Under Glass was a favorite target—really horrid remarks. 

Detective Beckwith: Thank you, Mrs. Puckett. Do you know why your husband disappeared after Hoyt's murder?

June Puckett: He was afraid for his life.

Detective Magee: Is that what he told you?

June Puckett: Yes.

Detective Beckwith: Did he tell you why he was afraid?

June Puckett: He did not, but I'm sure it had something to do with Mr. Biffle. As I said before, Alden's previous association with Mr. Biffle nearly ruined Alden's life. Whoever killed him quite possibly could be after Alden.

Detective Beckett: Have you seen him since we talked to you last week?

June Puckett: No. He's still afraid, so he's staying away. I certainly hope you're close to resolving this whole thing so he can come home.

Detective Magee: Mrs. Puckett, have you heard of Legius syndrome?

June Puckett: Of course. Alden has it. Why?

Detective Magee: Do you know anything about it?

June Puckett: Naturally. It causes spotting on the skin. Cafe au lait spots, they're called. Alden was concerned when we started dating that I would find it off-putting. Clearly, I didn't.

Detective Beckwith: Do you know of a man named Zeke Evans?

June Puckett: Know of him? Unfortunately, yes. Do I know him? I absolutely do not. No.

Detective Beckwith: How do you know him?

June Puckett: I don't know him. He was the other person involved in the mess with Hoyt. I have nothing to offer with regard to him, where he is, or what he's doing.

Detective Beckwith: Is your husband still in touch with him?

June Puckett: Of course not. Why would he be?

Detective Magee: Yes, ma'am. Thank you for coming in. We appreciate your time today.

June Puckett: You're welcome, although I can't see how any of this helps you. 

Detective Beckwith: It all helps. Thank you, Mrs. Puckett.

Interview ended – 5:52 p.m.


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