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Birdie Tarver interview

Thursday, October 19, 2023 – 2:00 p.m.

Birdie Tarver is Hoyt Biffle's ex-girlfriend and his son's mother.

Detectives Beckwith and Magee interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • Birdie Tarver

Detective Magee: Please state your name and address for the record.

Birdie Tarver: Birdie Tarver. 1110 Scarlett Drive, Oxford.

Detective Magee: Thank you. What's your relationship with Hoyt Biffle?

Birdie Tarver: He's my ex and the father of my child, Harrison.

Detective Beckwith: How would you describe your relationship?

Birdie Tarver: Amicable.

Detective Magee: Has your relationship with Hoyt always been amicable?

Birdie Tarver: Well, we did break up, which sucked, but we are friendly and respectful and committed to raising our son as co-parents.

Detective Magee: Did the two of you argue recently?

Birdie Tarver: Argue? No. We don't argue.

Detective Beckwith: No issues with custody?

Birdie Tarver: Absolutely not. We're in agreement where Harrison is concerned.

Detective Magee: Is there something you're not in agreement about?

Birdie Tarver: No, that's not what I meant. Hoyt and I separated, and like mature adults, we worked out parenting for our son. Hoyt is happy, I'm happy, my boyfriend is happy, Harrison is happy. There are no issues.

Detective Beckwith: What's your boyfriend's name?

Birdie Tarver: Don Walker. What is this about, detective?

Detective Magee: Hoyt Biffle's death, Ms. Tarver.

Birdie Tarver: Oh. Oh, my God, of course … Don had nothing to do with that.

Detective Beckwith: You're sure?

Birdie Tarver: Yes. Positive. He had no reason to. Besides, he'd never do anything to hurt Harrison.

Detective Magee: Ms. Tarver, where were you yesterday between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.?

Birdie Tarver: Oh… I… let's see. Yesterday… I was at Don's. With Don. At his house.

Detective Beckwith: And Mr. Walker was there the whole time with you?

Birdie Tarver: Yes. Absolutely. The whole time. This is … not good. We still have to tell Harrison. So busy with the art installation.

Detective Beckwith: Are you okay, Ms. Tarver? Can I get you some water or anything?

Birdie Tarver: No. Thank you, no. Does Alden know yet? Or June? 

Detective Magee: Alden? Who are Alden and June?

Birdie Tarver: Alden and June Puckett introduced Hoyt and me. They're married. We're close friends. Been close since Alden was Hoyt's teacher and mentor. Long history.

Detective Beckwith: So, no tension among them?

Birdie Tarver: No. June is sweet. Humble. Rich as hell. Alden's living the life, working his dream job, married to his best friend. Hoyt is … they are all great together. We are all great together.

Detective Beckwith: Is Don jealous at all?

Birdie Tarver: God, no. I wish! Don is fantastic. He's amazing with Harrison, and Hoyt and I were long separated before I met Don, so there's nothing for either of them to be jealous about.

Detective Magee: Hoyt wasn't jealous of Don's relationship with his son?

Birdie Tarver: No, Hoyt loved it. He adored Harrison, and I think he would've been more pissed if Don hadn't had such a great relationship with Harrison. Hoyt wasn't jealous of anyone ever. Competitive, yes. Jealous, no. Very self-assured. Confident.

Detective Beckwith: Cocky?

Birdie Tarver: Yes, but totally justified. The man was a genius.

Detective Magee: Were you jealous of Hoyt's success?

Birdie Tarver: No. That doesn't even make sense.

Detective Magee: If his finances increase considerably, do you get more money or are there restrictions on your separation and custody agreements?

Birdie Tarver: Hoyt made sure Harrison had anything and everything he needed. My relationship with Hoyt ended amicably. Our separation and subsequent relationship was amicable. We just couldn't maintain the long-distance thing between here and Texas.

Detective Beckwith: Did either of you try to rekindle things when Hoyt moved to Oxford?

Birdie Tarver: No. We had both moved on long ago. There was nothing to rekindle.

Detective Beckwith: Can you think of anyone who may have wanted Hoyt dead?

Birdie Tarver: No. No one that I know of. Hoyt was polarizing. He was shrewd. But he also was charming.

Detective Magee: How did you feel about your son being around the business? 

Birdie Tarver: My son wasn't around the business. Hoyt was shrewd, not lewd. 

Detective Magee: Is there anyone who might disagree with that? Anyone who thought he was lewd?

Birdie Tarver: Hoyt got some pushback from that COP organization, but he loved it. Free publicity. Good for business. See? Shrewd.

Detective Magee: Did he ever talk to you about the residents?

Birdie Tarver: No, never. We didn't discuss the business. Look, I need to get back to the gallery. I'm in the middle of loading in an important installation. I've got new pieces going up. May I go now?

Detective Magee: Yes, of course. If we need anything further, we'll be in touch. What's the name of the gallery?

Birdie Tarver: C’est Belle. I'll let Lila know to get me if you call. Lila is the owner. Lila Lawson. Do you need the phone number?

Detective Magee: No. We can find it. Thank you, Ms. Tarver.

Interview ended – 2:23 p.m.


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