Save the Kudzu Kids — Hint #1

Remember General Shegog's poem, Treasures of the Academy?

The last lines of the poem, included below, give a clue to the location of the treasure, which is also the location of the lost Kudzu kids.

Crawl ye serpents to your winter nests

Where skeletons war and riches rest

There is fire in the sky and guns in the ground

To kill North and South and the heaven bound


General Shegog's poem, Treasures of the AcademyThe Chapel bares the Light … the Body … the Bread

But the earth's riches rot beneath the House of the Dead

Deep, slow, deeper down

Creep, aim, crawl around

Ye scavenging fools whose claws cannot wait

Shall go wandering right at the den of Stark's Bait.

And if he put country first, then on to Goldstar Peak

And if he put God first, then turn the other cheek.


Onward Christian soldiers—steady we go

Marching the twice left path of old Santo Spirito

And once his eyes on the fourth den do fix

He shall march the rest as a Crucifix

Left, right … right, left, right …

Right, left, right … right …


X marks the spot where the sick spirits loom

Where the greed and hatred of man spells his doom,

Where the Confederacy rises to enliven your fears—

You will die if my academy's treasure disappears.

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