Case Chronicle

Examine the investigation's activities in the order they happened.

Was Person X interviewed before Person Y? Did the detectives have Forensic Report A when they talked to Suspect B? Find that information and more right here.

Did Wendy notice anything when she (allegedly) vandalized the pageant HQ?

Wendy Kullman follow-up interview

Wendy Kullman 2nd interview

Investigation Day 9 — Wendy Kullman is suspected of vandalizing the pageant's headquarters the night Barbara Dubois was killed.

She may have seen or heard something relevant to the murder investigation, but if she tells detectives about it, she'll be admitting to the vandalism.

Will she reveal what she knows?

Who was the anonymous emailer that urged Bill to a...
Do the fingerprints and blood hold the key?


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Thursday, January 28 2021
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