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Solving murders in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi since 1995. Examine the evidence and solve the case.

Did Beatrice Carmichael take any secrets to her grave?

Beatrice Carmichael obituary

Carmichael obituary

Investigation Day 10 — Beatrice Carmichael passed away a few days after she spoke with Doris Hammack.

Could hypnotherapy uncover any legitimate leads in the Izard case?

Doris Hammack hypnosis

Doris Hammack hypnotherapy

Investigation Day 11 — In 1998, Doris Hammack underwent controversial memory recovery hypnotherapy in an attempt to recall events from her childhood.

The therapy took place over several days, but did it uncover any viable leads in the Izard case?

Did Beatrice Carmichael leave behind any clues to help solve the Izard mysteries?

Beatrice Carmichael papers

Beatrice Carmichael papers

Investigation Day 12 — Attorney Arthur Manning found some potentially significant documents among papers belonging to the late Beatrice Carmichael.

Do they shed any light on what happened to the Izard family?

What did investigators find when they searched a location uncovered via unconventional means?

Discovery of remains

Discovery of remains

Investigation Day 14 — The local newspaper reported on the results of a search conducted based on clues from Doris Hammack's hypnosis sessions.

Was the evidence they found relevant to the Izard investigation?

Can Howard Hammack's long-ago neighbor provide answers to any of our questions?

Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy interview

Investigation Day 13 — Bob Duffy was a neighbor of Howard and Doris Hammack in Detroit, and he was acquainted with Beatrice Carmichael.

Did he tell Detective Nelson anything that might resolve long-unanswered questions in the Izard case?

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