Crime Scene Evidence Files

Solving murders in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi since 1995. Examine the evidence and solve the case.

Frank knew all the suspects. Who does he think did it?

Frank Abbott

Frank Abbott interview

Investigation Day 7 — In 1998, Detective Nelson talked to Frank Abbott, another of the men who were laid off from Bowlan Glove on the day the Izards were murdered.

Was Doris Hammack able to get any info about the Izard case out of this local woman?

Anonymous tip

Anonymous note

Beatrice Carmichael

Beatrice Carmichael interview

Investigation Day 8 — In 1998, Doris Hammack received an anonymous note at her hotel.

Because of that note, Doris went to talk to a local woman, Beatrice Carmichael.

Later, Doris shared the note and the recording of that conversation with Detective Nelson.

What kind of employee was Howard Hadley at the Farm Supply?

Yoknapatawpha Farm Supply manager

Lowell McCaffrey interview

Investigation Day 9 — As part of an effort to find out what happened to Howard Hadley after the Bowlan Glove layoffs, Detective Nelson spoke to someone from one of Hadley's former employers in Yoknapatawpha County.

What kind of employee was Howard Hammack at Phillips Aviation?

Phillips Aviation employee info

Phillips Aviation employee info

Investigation Day 9 — As part of an effort to find out more about Doris Hammack's history, Detective Nelson located a former employer of Howard Hammack, who Detroit Social Services had identified as a possible relative of Doris Hammack.

Detective Nelson corresponded with the personnel manager to get information from Howard Hammack's work history.

Did Phillips Aviation's surveillance of its employees turn up anything potentially useful to the Izard case?

Phillips Aviation PI surveillance report

Peterson Investigations report (1959)

Investigation Day 9 — In 1998, Howard Hammack's former employer sent some relevant private investigation reports along with his personnel file to Detective Nelson.

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