Canvass – business school students

After talking to John Brewer and examining Kristi Waterson's office, the detectives spoke to students in the University of Mississippi School of Business who had taken one or more classes that Kristi Waterson taught.

The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Marsha Boyd
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore

Ms. Boyd said this semester was the first time she had been in Waterson's class, and she had planned on taking more courses from her in the future because Waterson was known as a lenient grader.

Boyd was quick to qualify that she was not a lazy student but emphasized that the value of an A on one's overall GPA could not be ignored, especially when the A was easily earned, which freed up time that could be applied to other coursework.


Frank Fowler
Age: 20
Year: Junior

Mr. Fowler said he had taken two classes from Waterson in the past two years and was aware she had sometimes had relationships with students, but he was not bothered by it.

Boyd said Waterson had been seeing his classmate, Hunter Nelson, during the 2023 spring semester until Nelson ended their relationship. Fowler said he didn't know the details of why Waterson and Hunter Nelson broke up.


Rick Hastert
Age: 21
Year: Senior

Mr. Hastert said he had taken two classes from Waterson. He described her as an okay but not demanding teacher who selected good reading assignments that enabled motivated students to learn the material.

Hastert said he was in Waterson's class with Hunter Nelson last semester. He said Hunter rarely came to class while he and Waterson were seeing each other, and he never attended again after they broke up.


Dan Ho
Age: 22
Year: Senior

Mr. Ho said he took one class from Waterson, and then he decided he would never waste his time like that again. Ho described Waterson as an atrocious and unethical teacher.

Ho added that, although Waterson's death was tragic, she was an embarrassment to the university as a teacher, and the business school students would be better off with someone else in her place.


George Labarge
Age: 21
Year: Senior

Mr. Labarge said he had taken three classes from Waterson and characterized her as a good teacher, despite what some people said. Labarge, who plays tight end on the UM football team, said he got the A's he needed from Waterson, and the classwork didn't interfere with football practice.

When asked which individuals had commented negatively on the victim's teaching methods, Labarge said nobody on the football team did, but a student named Weldon Foyle frequently complained before and after class. Labarge could not recall specifics of Foyle's complaints, just that Foyle thought the class and the system were unfair.

St. Clair

Mike St. Clair
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore

Mr. St. Clair said he took one class from Waterson but didn't have much to say about her because he rarely went to class since she didn't take attendance.

St. Clair said he had no knowledge of Ms. Waterson dating any students but could see how it might happen because Waterson was so young and attractive.


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