Blood evidence detection


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 000177-10A-2021
Case Description: Katie Masters death investigation

Crime scene technicians at the Katie Masters murder scene theorized that blood evidence might be present on some of the nonporous surfaces in the room.

To ensure they could reveal and record that evidence, they used Bluestar Forensic Magnum luminol, which is more powerful than standard luminol, in conjunction with an Ecospray micro-sprayer, which distributes the luminol solution in a fine mist to avoid drips that can distort the bloodstain pattern.

The combination of the two enables CSU to see intricate detail in the bloodstains that would not otherwise be visible.

Blood evidence on the sink

Blood evidence on the floor



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Somebody had enough time to clean...blood in sink and rest of blood on floor. And why leave what was left....just in a hurry? Hard to believe Jimmy didn't hear anything....and candles? I agree...need more info

  Erin Shade
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Slightly frustrated ? by not having more info from CSU about the blood evidence, or better enhancement of what was written in blood on the floor here. Could be extremely useful in giving us something more to go on, another possible lead...

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So, I wonder if this person started to say something and then decided on a short way to say ta ta for now TTFN, or if that was not what he or she was trying to say at all.

  Sarah Rowin
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