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Corrie Townsend bio

Coralee Jane Townsend was born to Cornelius and Catherine Townsend on October 12, 2002. Coralee's friends and family started calling her Corrie when her younger brother, Philip, was unable to properly pronounce her name.

From an early age, it was apparent that Corrie was a natural-born athlete. Her parents took her to gymnastics, martial arts, cheer camps, swimming lessons, ice and roller skating clinics. When she got to high school, she was active on the volleyball and tennis teams.

Academics weren't her strong suit, however. Corrie did the best she could and maintained a C average in school, keeping her athletic eligibility intact.

In junior high, she became best friends with Katie Masters. Corrie and Katie seemed to be attached at the hip; you never saw one without the other. When their junior prom came around, the boys they went with were also best friends, so the couples double-dated on the night of the dance.

When they went back to school this fall, the girls were excited to finally be high school seniors and were looking forward to their graduation in May.



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Sounds like there's a bit of a over competitive streak to her. Does this possibly mean she could of been jealous enough of Katie to finally snap? I'd like to press her a bit on this in an interview to see how she would react.

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