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Doris Hammack

On her own volition, Doris Hammack arranged to undergo hypnotherapy in an attempt to recover memories from her childhood, despite warnings from Detective Nelson and others that recovered‑memory techniques are controversial, and the results are not necessarily reliable.

She subsequently provided recordings and transcripts of those sessions to Detective Nelson and the YCSD.

The pre-hypnosis interview between the subject, Doris Hammack, and Dr. Sykas has been omitted for space. In summary, Doris stated she suffered from dreams and nightmares since childhood, most often producing images of fear and blood.

Beyond dreams, she carries a vague recollection of a male authority figure prior to her entry into the foster care system in Detroit. She cannot recall a face or name but believes this person to be a key figure in her life.

Dr. Sykas performed a series of tests that determined the subject's psychological state and her susceptibility to hypnosis, which registered high.

Listen to an excerpt from the second session

The hypnosis sessions transpired as follows.


  • Dr. Sykas, hypnotist
  • Doris Hammack

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These hypnotherapy give so much more insights and answers

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Ok this lady is brave

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