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After hearing Beatrice Carmichael's comments about Howard Hadley, Detective Nelson tried to determine Hadley's movements after the Bowlan Glove Factory layoffs and to ascertain whether Hadley had any connection to Howard Hammack.

Lee Santos of Phillips Aviation in Detroit faxed the following information to Detective Nelson on June 1, 1998, in response to the YCSD's request for employment information on Howard Hammack.


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June 1, 1998

Detective Nelson:

I found the information you requested on Howard Hammack. Of course, these records were kept when Phillips Aviation was building prop planes in the old factory downtown many years ago. The files have not been updated to computer storage so it took some work finding Hammack's records. Water damage obscured some of the information. Here is what I have.

Howard Hammack was hired on December 18, 1958. His address while he worked for us was 1901 Trumbull Ave., Apt. 9A, Detroit. That address no longer exists. The entire area is now an industrial park.

He listed as his reference a Mr. Elliot Perch, 49 Staten Place, Chicago. It appears Mr. Hammack was a member of the Local 252.

His work record shows positive marks for performance, although there are a number of conduct reports for fighting and some unexplained absences. He worked for Phillips until August 12, 1960. The plant had a shut down the week after that through the 19th and he was paid, however, it appears he never returned to work after the plant reopened on the 22nd.

I also found something very interesting in the records. Back in the late '50s and early '60s, there was a period when local unions were under suspicion of being involved in organized crime. I know that Phillips history shows that it was a target through Local 252. It appears that Howard Hammack was investigated by the company in connection with those activities.

I'm sending along the information I found on that, in case it is of help to you. I found out that Peterson Investigations went out of business in 1968. I don't have any other contact information for them.

That's all of it. If you need anything more, don't hesitate to call, though it's doubtful we have any more records or information.


//Lee Santos

Lee Santos
Personnel Manager


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