In 1998, YCSD Detective Terrence Nelson compiled the following chart from the original case file. This is the list of employees who were laid off on April 11, 1958, which Bowlan Glove paymaster Otis Boyce provided to Dep. Lamb.

  • In the column labeled "Alibi," a V indicates a verified alibi in the 1958 investigation
  • In the column labeled "Cleared," a Y indicates the individual was cleared as a suspect in the 1958 investigation
  • In the column labeled "Union,"
    • an X indicates active union sympathizer at Bowlan
    • an O indicates part of the organizing group
  • In the column labeled "Status,"
    • a D indicates individual is deceased in 1998
    • an L indicates the person is living
    • a U indicates the whereabouts and status of the individual has not yet been determined or is unknown
  • An asterisk next to an individual's name indicates a family relationship with others of the same name.

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