1958 CR106 canvass


All of the County Road 106 residents were interviewed on Friday, April 11, 1958, by Detective Jack McPhail and/or Deputy Larry Kuhn.

The following interview summaries are taken directly from the 1958 case files.


The interview summaries are listed in order of Box number, not by distance or chronological order of interviews.

Interview times are noted as are distances from the crime scene.

Geological map showing relative locations of the County Road 106 residents in 1958
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William & Cecile Detter
Box 218, 1.6 miles north of scene

Three children on bus no. 48 (James, William Jr., Susan). Children arrived at home approx. 1420 hours.

Cecile Detter at home all day and noted nothing unusual in area. No visitors.

Children showed no signs of anything out of the ordinary.

William Detter at work, Abbeville Appliance, from 0850 to 1710 — verified. No pertinent information. Did not know Izard family well.

William Jr. and Ricky Izard in same class. William noticed nothing unusual in school today.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2120 hours, Deputy L. Kuhn.

Randy & Lucile Huggins
Box 216, 1.1 miles north of scene

Two children on bus no. 48 (Sarah, Lonnie). Children arrived at home approx. 1425 hours.

Maxine Littman, grandmother, at home all day, noticed nothing unusual in area, no visitors.

Lucile and Randy Huggins employed University of Mississippi, Lucile in Registrar's office, Randy in maintenance department. Left home at 0815 returned 1750 hours — verified at work 0850 to 1710.

Did not know Izards well.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2045 hours, Deputy L. Kuhn.

Doug & Millie Parker
Box 215, 1.05 miles north of scene

One child on bus no. 48 (Jeffrey). Child arrived at home approx. 1425 hours.

Millie Parker at home all day, noticed nothing unusual in area, no visitors.

Doug Parker employed as day clerk Oxford Inn — verified at work 0830 to 1645.

Attend Bethlehem Primitive Baptist, know Izard family. Mrs. Parker went to school with Lisa Izard.

Last saw Izard family in church on Sunday, April 6. Saw Ricky on bus today, looked fine.

Mrs. Parker feels Danahy may be involved though it has been several years since Lisa mentioned her concerns about him. No specific knowledge or information, has not seen Danahy in area in at least a year.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2015 hours, Deputy L. Kuhn.

Gladys Waring
Box 214, 1.0 miles north of scene

Gladys Waring, age 83, invalid.

Reports conversation with mail carrier Hinkley at approx. 1420 hours to 1430 hours.

At home all day. Noticed nothing unusual though Mrs. Waring is confined to wheelchair and spends most of day in rear kitchen or parlor. No visitors other than mail carrier Hinkley.

States that Mrs. Lisa Izard is part of the Bethlehem Primitive Baptist home visitation committee and comes in several times a month with food, home-canned goods and to check on her. Finds Mrs. Izard a "lovely and quiet religious woman."

Does not know Richard Izard well. Has met children only several times on visits with their mother.

Last saw Lisa Izard Wednesday, April 2 in the afternoon, probably about 1300 hours. Noticed nothing unusual.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 1940 hours, Deputy L. Kuhn.

Roland Bland
Box 214

Arrived home at 5:00 p.m. Sign painter working on Abbeville Market from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — verified with Robert Westover, owner.

States Elroy Murphy, county school bus driver bus no. 48 had altercation with Izards after running over mailbox and flower garden. Reports Murphy stated to him, "One more mark in my file and I'm history. I could wring those Izards' necks." States his belief Murphy letting off steam.

States he has personal knowledge of friendly relations between Richard Izard and Thomas Hinkley including fishing and poker games at Walter Hinkley's.

Last saw victims: 4/10/58 evening Richard, 4/09/58 Lisa and children. No other information.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 1745 hours Detective J. McPhail and Deputy L. Kuhn.

Randall & Betty Blakeney
Box 212, .61 miles north of scene at County Road 129 east

No children living at home.

Betty in Oxford shopping 0930 to 1330. Heard about layoffs and went to visit with her sister, Ruth English, in Oxford. Left at 1630 to return home and prepare supper.

Randall in Oxford at work, University of Miss. accounting department, 0830 to 1730 — verified.

Know the Izard family as neighbors and like them. Have not noted anything unusual in area. Think the union organizing efforts, failed vote, and layoffs may be reason for homicides. Have no personal knowledge.

Last saw Izards last week, probably Thursday, April 3 when they passed the Izard home.

(Note: Bus no. 48 Murphy reported passing mail truck this location at approx. 1436 hours).

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 1905 hours, Deputy L. Kuhn.

Lydia Catlett
Box 211

Verifies Bland and Waithers not at home. Verifies Yvonne Hawkins (Box 208) was at home on phone most of afternoon.

States she has seen strange vehicle, believed to belong to E. Perch of United Garment Workers at end of Izard drive on six or seven occasions at or after midnight.

Believes it was secret meetings with Richard Izard as she saw cigarette glow and knows Richard Izard smokes, Lisa Izard does not, and further, that vehicle shut off lights and coasted to drive.

Description of vehicle matches that of Chevy Bel Air registered to Elliot Perch. Last saw vehicle in Izard drive at road on Monday, April 7.

States that Elliot Perch came to her door in mid-March looking for Richard Izard though he stated he was a Fuller Brush salesman. Confirmed Perch identification with photo on April 13, 1958.

Observed vehicle believed to belong to Perch along with others, up to five, at the Waithers house (Box 210) after midnight on three occasions. Saw Elbert Warren and Frank Abbott in the group.

States belief that this was union meeting, which is confirmed by Hannah Waithers.

Stated that the Izard family appeared to spend beyond their means, possible financial problems.

Stated personal knowledge of Danahy harassment. However, states that the last time she saw Danahy at the Izards' was several years ago.

Mail carrier Hinkley was at her door at 1441 on Friday, April 11. Time was announced on the radio. She is positive on the time.

Last saw child Ricky Izard on Thursday, April 10 at approx. 1435 hours running up drive to house from school bus.

Last saw child LeAnne Izard with her mother in the yard at approx. 1030 hours, Friday, April 11.

Last saw Lisa Izard hanging wash at about noon, and between noon and 1230 hours, saw Richard Izard arrive in the Ford truck.

Has no other knowledge, did not see or hear anything unusual. Had no visitors other than mail carrier Hinkley at 1441 hours.

Believes the homicides are related to union organizing efforts and layoffs at Bowlan Glove.

(Note: Mrs. Catlett is hard of hearing and does not use a hearing aid most of the time.)

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 1715 hours Detective McPhail and Deputy L. Kuhn.

Hannah Waithers
Box 210

States that Friday, April 11 was her day off. She spent the day shopping in Oxford on the Square. Verified sightings of Miss Waithers in Oxford between noon and 1415 hours.

Returned home at approx. 1720 hours, noted by Deputy G. Lamb.

Confirms that Elliott Perch, Elbert Warren, and Frank Abbott conducted union organizing and strategy meetings at her home from mid-March through Tuesday, April 8. States that there were a number of meetings, at least five, but she is not certain.

It appears that witness has this knowledge and is reluctant to speak for Frank Abbott. States that Frank Abbott can provide details on dates and content of meetings.

Witness calls the meetings planning and strategy meetings to get the vote. Confirms that Perch lived with Elbert Warren for several weeks.

States that Richard Izard had not attended any of these meetings. States that she has personally seen Elliott Perch's vehicle and it is a 1957 Bel Air.

States belief Abbott would have nothing to do with homicides, does not think the homicides are union related, though may be related to layoffs.

Spoke to Frank Abbott on the phone from Oxford Pharmacy at approx. 1405 hours after learning of layoffs. States she had no answer on two other phone calls at approx. 1310 and 1355 hours.

Confirms that she has personal knowledge of mailbox incident with bus driver Murphy, does not believe it is relevant to the homicides.

Was not living at this address when Danahy disturbed the neighborhood and harassed the Izards, but heard about that from her father who is deceased 11/5/54.

Last saw the Izard family passing her drive in their Rambler on Monday evening, April 7.

Information that there was a playhouse or treehouse in the woods near the creek, passed information along to Detective D. Lyon on missing persons case.

Has noticed nothing unusual in neighborhood, no suspicious vehicles, no uninvited visitors.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 1830 hours Detective McPhail and Deputy L. Kuhn.

Titus & Yvonne Hawkins
Box 208

Yvonne Hawkins at home all day.

Titus Hawkins owner/operator Hawkins Cleaners in Oxford. Left home at 0700 hours and returned at 1600 hours, noted by Deputy G. Lamb. Verified with employees at Hawkins Cleaners Titus arrived at 0730 and left at 1530 hours which is customary.

Mrs. Hawkins states she heard a fast-moving vehicle enter the Izard drive, spitting gravel, before the school bus arrived. She did not see the vehicle but did see the dust raised in the drive. On further examination, she believes this to be not earlier than 1400 hours and not later than 1430 hours.

Mrs. Hawkins states the school bus is very prompt, confirming Elroy Murphy's statement that the normal time is 1435 hours to arrive at the Izard drive.

Last time Mr. Hawkins saw the Izards was Thursday, April 10. He observed Mrs. Izard collecting the mail from the box at the roadway about 1600 hours, and observed Mr. Izard out along the roadway to the south end of tree line at approx. 1900 hours. He has not seen the children in several days.

Mrs. Hawkins observed Mr. Izard leaving the house with Ricky Izard at approx. 0815 this morning, Friday, April 11. She last observed Mrs. Izard with LeAnne Izard at approx. 1420 hours on Thursday, April 10.

Neither Mr. or Mrs. Hawkins observed any suspicious activity at the Izard driveway over the past month or so.

Neither have stated knowledge of meetings at the Waithers property (Box 210) though Mr. Hawkins states he has heard a car in the drive there several times in the past few weeks after midnight. He assumed it was Frank Abbott driving Hannah Waithers home.

Mail carrier Hinkley normally delivers the Izard mail then the Hawkins mail. Mrs. Hawkins states the normal time of delivery ranges from 1445 to 1530 hours.

Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins recall Danahy causing trouble at the Izard home in 1951 and 1952. Mrs. Hawkins thinks there were a few isolated incidents after that. However, they have not seen Danahy in area for at least a year.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 1800 hours Detective McPhail and Deputy L. Kuhn.

Roland Jestes
Box 207

Jestes lives alone. He was clearly inebriated at the time of the interview.

Jestes was laid off from Bowlan Glove in the Friday, April 11 layoffs. He was not a union sympathizer. He states that he had a poor work record with a high absentee rate and was caught drinking on the job on two occasions.

He states he would have welcomed the union but "stayed out of it" due to his work record. He feels that the union vote and layoffs were a good excuse to lay him off.

He feels Richard Izard was a "lackey to Bowlan". He expressed sympathy for Richard Izard, states that Richard looked the other way a few times for him on the job. He has nothing against Richard Izard or against the union element.

States that Mrs. Izard had visited his home a few times with the Bethlehem Baptist home visitation committee and brought him canned goods. He thinks the last time was in the fall of 1957, probably October.

He does not socialize with the Izards and states he rarely goes "above the creek," meaning north on County Road 106.

Jestes states he picked up his pay after the layoffs at approx. 1115 hours and was at the Road House from 1210 to 1800 hours. Jestes owns no vehicle and hitched a ride home with Ernest Jackson (Box 205) when he left the Road House. Jestes states Jackson arrived at the Road House at 1430 hours.

He states that Richard Izard was liked by the employees at Bowlan and "can't see anyone blaming anyone but old man Bowlan for losing their jobs."

Last saw Richard Izard at 1100 hours during the layoff announcement.

No other knowledge.

(Note: Mr. Jestes is a known alcoholic and has a record of priors for drunk and disorderly, creating a public disturbance, and for public lewdness.)

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2150 hours Deputy L. Kuhn.

Manny & Velma Stout
Box 206

Manny and Velma are brother and sister. Manny is 58. Velma is 46. They have lived on the Stout farm since their birth.

Manny has been employed at Bowlan since 1949 and Velma for only 8 months. Both feel they were laid off due to their union sympathies and racial bias.

The Stouts left Bowlan Glove at approx. 1140 hours and went to the County Market on Route 6 with Jerome Peacock and Agnes Ray, who are engaged. The group then went to the home of Agnes Ray in Oxford for the afternoon where they discussed their employment options and had a cookout. The Stouts arrived home at 2030. Verified alibi and timing.

The Stouts own two vehicles, a black 1956 Dodge pickup and a black 1953 Chevy. Manny states the Chevy is not running. They have been driving the truck since February.

The Stouts do not know the Izard family with the exception of Richard Izard from the factory. They state they have no hard feelings against Richard Izard and realize that the layoff decision was Bowlan's to make.

They stated that when they were leaving Bowlan Glove, Jimmy Warren was stirring up trouble and getting together a group to fight the layoffs. They stated they ignored him and left the factory.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2215 hours Deputy L. Kuhn.

Ernest Jackson
Box 205

Jackson is not currently employed full time and works as needed for Jed Tucker on Ridge Creek Road outside of Abbeville doing handy work and repairs. He states he was there from about 0810 hours until 1400 hours when he stopped at the Peepser Cafe for fried catfish and went on to the Road House arriving there at approx. 1430 hours.

He states Jestes was there. Jestes had been drinking whisky and was "swaying with the wind" and "mixing bible quotes with the Farmer's Almanac and making no sense as usual."

Jackson had four beers, played pool with Amos Williams, and offered Jestes a ride home at approx. 1745 hours when he left the Road House. He left off Jestes and returned home by 1830 hours.

States he has no knowledge of Izard family or murders, was unaware they lived on County Road 106, has never worked at Bowlan Glove, and can add no information to the investigation.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2240 hours Deputy L. Kuhn.

Kenneth & Daisy Harrigill
Box 203

Kenneth and Daisy Harrigill have lived at Box 203 since their marriage in August 1957.

The Harrigills were at work at the Lasker's Dairy south of Oxford from 0730 until 1530. They stopped at Berryman's Market where they spoke to employee Mike Pratt, cousin of Daisy Harrigill, and arrived at home at approx. 1650 hours. Verified working hours and stop at Berryman's.

State they do not know the Izard family. They do not know the residents of County Road 106 with the exception of Ernest Jackson and the Stouts. Jackson has done repairs for them, and they have had supper with the Stouts on several occasions.

Though they do not know the Izards, they have heard about the union activity and possible layoffs from the Stouts.

TThe Harrigills own a 1950 Ford pickup. Tires are bald.

No other pertinent information.

Interview conducted 4/11/58 at 2300 hours Deputy L. Kuhn.


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