1958 evidence photos



Lead investigator: Detective J. McPhail
Date: Friday, 4/11/58
Weather: Clear, mild, temp at 64 F
Arrived on scene: 1505 hours


Evidence collected at the scene: County Road 106, Box 209, Oxford, MS

Detective McPhail examines the murder weapon at the scene
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Shovel is 58.75 inches in overall length.

Wood handle measures 47 inches and is 1.25 inches in diameter, steel shovel blade and sheath measure 19.75 inches.

The blade is 11.5 inches in length and measures 8.25 inches wide at widest point handle end, 2 inches across at tip of blade.

Measuring from top of handle farthest from blade, two areas are devoid of blood or spatter and likely indicate where the handle was held. These areas are located at from 3.75 inches to 8 inches (4.25 inch span), and at 29.5 to 34 inches (4.5 inch span).

Blood spatter is clearly present at all other locations. Blade base and edges have coagulated blood and hair embedded along with caked soil.

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Shoe print

One full footprint cast and one partial cast taken from garden area near Victim One, Richard Izard.

Printing on this heel is legible:

Gold Bond
Oil Resisting

"Gold Bond" heels are common on work boots available from Neilson's and also at Wiley's Shoe Repair, both in Oxford.

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Tire track

Driveway measures 210 feet from County Road 106 to south direction curve. South direction driveway section measures 120 feet.

Partial tire tracks found in sparse graveled dirt at location 263 feet from curve.

This tread mark has been identified as:

Manufacturer: Goodrich
Size: 14 inch
Type: Car or light truck tire
Availability: Stock equipment on Ford automobiles. Also available at Beard Auto Parts and Delta Implement.

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